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Folly as Competence in Early Modern and Twenty-First-Century Culture
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Randolph agreed that that was the fact of tho case. Lord Justice Matthew said that he under- stood the contatrtiou to be that it wae a bind- ing con-tract for four years, and that there was no room for the implication in it. Randolph replied tha. In such a contract one party oould not voluntarily do something that would deprive the other party of his share of the contract.

The traders in this case had given something in that they had refrained from signing the comtract with the Imperial Tobacco Company to deal exclusively with them. Ogden's I thought it worth while to offer a definite sum for a definite period in opposition to the Imperial Company's scheme. Duke, in reply, urged that the traders were ende-avouring to read in something which was not in the contract, and to in- terpret it by the Imperial Tobacco Company's agreement.

The agreement could not be made a reaBonaible contract to meet the defendants' contention unless something were read into it. Lord Justice Math-aw said that the appel-? Duke replied that that was a, reasonable interpretation to place upon the contract. The Master of the Rolls, in giving judgment, said that the question arising on the agree- ment was whether the appellants wore eman- cipated1 from the contract byselling their busineas. In this caee. Ogden had im- posed upon tSo traders restrictions prevent- ing them from signing an agreement with the other firm.

That was an essential part of the agreement. The appeal must fail, and the judgment of the court below must be upheld. A stay of execution pending an appeal to the House of Lords waa applied for and refused. I King's Irish Visit. The route of the Royal pro- gress, trtwersing the principal streets of Dublin, waa lined with an enormous crowd of spectators, who gave their Majesties a most enthusiastic greeting. All the buildings in the tboroughtares were gay with flags and bunting, but the semi-Private ohara-eter of the Royal visit did not permit of much scope for elaborate decoration, such as marked last year's tour.

The Royal carriages comprising the procession were esoorted by a detachment of the 6th Inniskining Dragoons. In the first brougham sat the King and Queen, Princess Victoria. The suc- ceeding coaches were occupied by members of the Royal suite. The Duke of Con naught, commanding the forces, rode on the side of their Majesties' carriage.

Inside the marquee at Leinster Lawn was assembled a large company. The King, in field- mprsbal's uniform, and the Queen, in a beautiful gown of pretty velvet, looked in splendid health, and seemed gratified by the exceeding warmth of their reception. When the Boyal party, which included Princess Victoria and the Duke of Connaught, and a brilliant entourage, ascended the dais, Sir Horace Plunkett read an address to the King setting forth the objects for which the new buildings were being erected. His Majesty then formally laid the memorial stone.

When the stone was being lowered the King was standing almost under- neath, and noticing this Queen Alexandra, with a smile, signalled to him to stand back. His Majesty stepped aside, and placed his hand on the stone as it descended. The ceremony over, their Majesties drove back to the Viceregal Lodge.

In the afternoon the King attended the races at Phoenix Park. This was a very brilliant function. The whole audience rose and sang- the National Anthem. The King wore the Order of St. Patrick and the Queen a magni- ficent diamond tiara and necklace. The cur- tain rose on the ftret act of "The Last of the Dandies," followed by "Trilby. Parsons from Mr. Ivor Vachell's offioe prose- J cubed.

The Rev. Canon Bed well attended a meeting of the ratepayers of Llangattock-juxta-Caer- ieon and explained the proposed scheme for enlarging Oaerleon OhnrehYaxd. The alter- native is the provision of a cemetery. Canon Bedwell explaineed that land had already been purchased for the purpose of enlarging the present churchyard.

He had, however, receivied promises of subscriptions from the Great Western Rail- way Company and other landowners, but unless the money came in better the only plin left would be to drop the scheme and let the ratepayers provide a cemetery. The oaaon's scheme was approved, and a representative committee of ladies and gentlemen was appointed to collect subscriPtions from Liam.

The force of the explosion swept through the workings with disastrous results, walls, roofs, and galleries being wrecked. Up to the present 53 bodies have been brought to banlr, together with ten injured men. Many men are still entambed. Central Jlewa. There was little firedamp in the pit. The expioeion readied another pit, r cueing an- other falling in of roofs and galleries, and greatly lengthening the death-roll.

About 63 bodiee have been brought up, but tibere are still a considerable number of men to be accounted for. Heartrtndering Scenes. The work of exploration has proceeded throughout the night. The working parties, however, have the greatest difficulty in their taek, the ooUiery et burning fiercely.

Up till eight o clock this morning 63 corpses had been brought to bank, all being badly burned and blackened, while the bodies were cousiderably swollen. The remains were so calcined that it was possible to recognise only a very few. Groups of corpses were found half buried in the debris, the men, in many cases, having died in the act of embracing a comrade.

by Francis J. Hannigan

Heartrending eoeoes are being witnessed at the pit's mouths the relatives of the victims crowding around the spot in large numbers. Balfour, in a printed reply to Oolooel wckw, saye that it is impossible in the Licensing Bill to define the maimer in which the relative shares of the brewer amd the licence holder are to be determined in every case, owing to the immense variety which exists in the relations between the two.

The Bill provides that the respective sh-ares of the brewer and the licence holder in the com- pensation money are to be determined by quarter sessions, who will consider toe cir- cumstances and determine what is fair in each case, and give full consideration to the claims of the licence holder.

Justice Kekewich bad a-gain before him the action brought by Mrs. Mansell widow against John Jones and others, all residing in Merthyr Tydfil, for obstructing a right of way down a private road at Merthyr, amd for stacking earth against the plaintiff's wooilen factory, so as to cause injury by damp. The defendants denied obstruction, and said that they had tfw authority of the lessors for what had been done. Alexander Cameron, architect and sur- veyor, of Aberdare, was called and examined in support of plaintiff's case.

The earliest feathered riser, says a naturalist, is the greenfinch, which begins piping at a. Last on the Hst of songsters comes the spar- row and tom-tit, but the lark is sufficiently behind-hand to disprove its claim to be called an early riser. I To-day's Cricket. I Although raiu held off, the weather was again aim 8It Crystal Palace this morning, when play was resumed before a moderate attendance London Oolmty resumed their iaiiinp with four wickots4 down for , thus being Foidevia 16, and Knight 5, were the not oats, and tiHy had to face Lockwood and Rich-aaxl- son.

Knight survived an appeal for leg before in Lock-wood'? Hayes relieved Lockwood, and when the fifth wicket had produced 55 rune, Knight smartly run out by Moulder, who hit tie stumps with a return from third man.


The Surrey total was passed wfth five wickets down, and SeweU made 50 in 37 minutes. Poidevin wag caught at the wicket for a very excellent irminge of 65, which contained ten 4's, and the lunch score was for six wickets. First innings. Second innmgs. Abel, c Seweli, b Prichard.. Second innings. Grace, b Lockwood 52 W. Murdoch, b Lees 0. Braund, b Bichardson 8 C.

M'Gahey, run out 41 J. Douglas, not out 8 Extras 1 Total 6. Morris, lbw, b 1. Lee, c Greens, b UdaL. Tilaey, b Goodliffe 29 i P. Bomford, b Udal?. Extras 4. First inningB. DLacdonald, not out.. Cartwright, b Henley 25 A. Woraley, c Bomford, b What? SIuIhoHaad, not out 23 Extras 2?? Total 3 ? He alleged that while out in his wagonette, while stopping to light the lamps, a tram and an omnibus came along.

The drivers appeared to be disputing, and there was a collision, plaintiff being injured and his wife killed. JB for the six thildretu. Out-warn chartering was modorately active. The feature of the day's business, however, was the heavy fixings by the Admiralty for Gibraltar. Card-iff to Gibraltar, 6s. D1ers, ranging between 2, anid 3, tons, May loading. SPort Said, MaAo, 3s. M Genoa, 6s. M La Pailioe, 4f. Chis- tiami? Lena, s, 2, Dak. April Cloalee, a, Woods , Rouen, water builast. April 2. Lucnia, s, 73 BardMtry , Sea, fish.

Kin- nairo, s, Magor , Padssow, ballast. Donarld, s, 56 Maimes Briton Faery, ail. Jeajme Peme, pitwood. Sea, Alert, s, fish, Neaie k West. Padsww, Bessie, sand. Cardiff Railway Co Appiodore Bonito. A Peace. Crown Pre- served Oal Co. Cyril left Malta 29th for Gibraltar for ordt'f. Dawdon passed Graveaend for Gardiff 28th. Dartmouth left Sul-ina for Rotterdam 2Sth. Bddie arrived Bristol from Kurrachi 27th. Bernard left St. Vincent, for Antwerp 27th. Glynn arrived Rouen 28th. Alacrity arrived Chatham 28th. Inver arrived Neath Abbey 28th. Gransha arrived Havre 2Fth. I Skeidoa left Sheencoe for Barry 27tll.

Bocbflfort arrived Cam 28th. I Friday. Obrinthian, steamer, hm put into Halifax, Nova. Lawrence being blocked with ice. Money in good demsnd at 2; percsnt. Discount rates —short bills 2 , three monthe bills Consols firm. Rise: Money i-li and Account J. Transvaal loan unaltered. Home Bails irregular. I Americans dull. Trunks weak. Mexican Rails steady. Rise: First Pref t. Foreigners and Mimes quiet. I Lancashire and Yorkshire 1. South Western Deferred, North Eastern i. Illi- nois, Milwaukee, Norfolk t. Debenture i. Call Money in fair request at 2- to 2?

Bombay and Calcutta transfers 16 l-3? The Stock Markets have been quiet, but a good undertone prevails. Consols were agn in request, said to be in connection with options falling due before the settlement next. Though not quite ut the best poinis the price lor Money aad tie Account is 99i, Indian loan li premium, Irish loon 21, County Council 2. Home Rails steady. Americans are inactive aU 4 to j lower than yester- day's closing.

Steel Prefs better. Trunks fiat at fall of i to i on net decrease of 59, dollars in March revenue statement. Foreigners irregular. South Africans and Hhodesians frm. Grand Trunk Wasteri; Gross receipts, dollars increase; working expenses, 7, dollars decrease; net profit, 20,doliars increase, 7, dollars. Detroit, Grand Haven, and Mil- waukee- Grose receipts, 6, dollars decrease; work- ing expenses same as last year; net profit, 6, dollars decrease. There were tvmuty-aevext working days in lDL4 compared with twenty-six in The local Stook Market is somewhat easier in tone this morning.

Among railway stocks the demand for I Barry Deferred and Taff Ordinary is quietor, as might be expected after such an active period, and pricabar,3 stationary. Marfcet fairly attended, with moderate to lair busi- ness put through at id per cental advance since TIIS- day. Flour: Not much actual trading, but indica- tions reviving: trades prices unchanged. Maize quiet and prices irregular—mured American prime, 4s i4d;, Odessa, 4s 54d; Plata, 4,s 2fd to 4s lid per cental.

Beans dull, prioes tending: lower. Peas and bariey steady. Fair supply, for which there was a good demand. Quotations:—Soles, Is 2d; turbot, 7d to 91; brills, 8d per lb; plaice, 5s; lemon soles, 6ti 3d: whitings, 3s 6d; live halibut, 8s 6d; dead, per stone; live ling. Friday, April Firsts, 87s; seconds, '; thirds, 69s; fine, 77s: choicest box, Sis. III market: 80 firkins. ADril The of5cial report says: i:uvr p. The private report Eays: Market firm, but less active, small business done.

Opening: Scotch kite; no opening report. Cleveland idle; buyers, 44s 6d cash, and 44s 7d month; sellers. Cumberland idle. Copper idle. The market will close this afternoon till fuesday next. By a clause m the will of the late Mr. Charles WilHaine a portion of money waA get aside for the maintenance of roooe leading into Caerleon. Until the year the parish of Llangattock received grants for thie purpose. A short time ago the Charity C-ommissioners were asked by the Llangattock Parish for a defini- tion of the clause.

The Commiuejoners replied that the matter appeared to be one for the discretion of the governors, and that Llan- gattock ratepayers had no locus standi. Halsey 0 b OM? Bettin,-6 to 5 on Jean's Folly, 2 to 1 agst Santo Claus, and 20 to 1 agst any other. Race sta-ned at li. Bous Oonrse five furlongs;.

Kalsey 0 a5 Mr 1. Florentin last. Race started at 1. Bretby Stakee Course six furlongs. Tofar, was fourth, Scythia filly fifth. I- Thirsk Meeting. Five furlongs, straight. Yarneii 0 4 8 9 Mr J llionipson's Endillo. Betting—4 to 1 agst Old Timet. Quietnm made pt? Bryn Brat was fourth, Lucaiji fifth, Deep Sea. Fix furlongs, straight. Fianision Pin, Medina, Manacle colt. I Worcester Meeting. Two milee. Won by twelve lengths; a short head between the second and third. I Race started at 2. F Lval? A few others were inquired Tar.

Amant was supported at 5 to 2 for the Derby, and 6 to 1 was obtainable aboot Gouvernant. Bum Saturday, May 7. Distance, a mile ami a quarter. Run Wednesday, June 1. Distance, a mile and a half. Rondeau and Ohanter, half-speed seven forlonge. O'Neill and Hammerkop, ueefnl mile. Cerisier, half-speed mile. Kilglase, fast mile. Soar a way, half-speed mile. J Appmntioee Pla. Gaa,i-pas, and Black Fancy, over one mile. The winner is in the Apprentices' Plate at Kempton Park.

The winner i. LivSia, and Vincuia, over five furlongs. The Solicitor. G-e Hen. Y-ortt7, agod, 8si file; Kirkmiehael, 4yre. Est Sib; Barrett G rJd8r, 4yrs. BIt 21b; Papola, aged, 8st Sundridee, Cossack, Ml Orchid. Hie Lord ah :R, Robert ll D:a. Fruit Pickm, Richmond, Ca. Bass Rock. Mr A H Singer has? Partafe, lid. Special Trains and Special Fares. KAY lith, 19C4. Veterinary Surgeon, Tyaewydd-rond, Barry. Entries close May 16th to F. Penartb-road, Cardiff. MAY 23rd and th. The very place to spend a rnoet delightful Holiday. Premier Parachutist. First priees of three guine. Entries for both competitions dose early next week.

Entry forms and other particulars obtainable of Mr. The venerable legi-slator rep led to the add rets in a good voice, his cloerng words being as follows I join most cordially in the belief that God exercises a wise providence over the affaire of thie world, and especially over the affaire of this Empire. Admission Free.

Balcony, 3d. Jah,a S Wood, Low clou. Man; live in: pony, YV carna,;e. Bournemouth Villa, Laogatnd Bay, near Swansea. Rothejade House, Laagland, near 8wanaea. Cli-acey-rood, beth. FOR Sale, a free 1. M SitMUom? Mgeat Lad about 15 wMted. M6 done large t? Wise Publications Partition Variete - Really Easy Piano - Carols Twenty-five of the most popular Christmas carols arranged for really easy Piano, with lyrics and chord symbols, complete with background notes and a host of playing hints and tips.

Olly Murs shot to fame in after finishing as the runner-up in the sixth series of The X Factor. Really Easy Piano: Olly Murs has been perfectly arranged for learning pianists who are looking to begin playing independently from a tutorial book. Easiest 5-Finger Piano Collection is ideal for beginners and as sight-reading practice for early graded examinations. Free Piano accompaniments downloadable to your computer from www. Calming songs arranged for easy Piano and voice. Includes a sing-along CD.

Wise Publications Sing With Abba!


Includes full lyrics, music and specially recorded CD. Includes specially recorded 'soundalike' CD! Beautifully illustrated in vivid colour and supplied with a sing-along CD, the Big Christmas Songbook is a truly magical way to celebrate Christmas. The songs are arranged for Piano with full lyrics and chord symbols. Dimensions: Merrily On High Hark! The whole family will love these easy Uke arrangements of your favourite Christmas numbers With all the chords and complete lyrics, it just couldn't be simpler to make your own music this festive season!

Wise Publications Sing Christmas Ballads! Each book in the series includes full lyrics, music and specially recorded CD. Wise Publications Easiest 5-Finger Piano Collection Children's Favourites - Piano Solo Description 15 well-loved songs arranged for five finger Piano, each song clearly presented along with finger position diagrams. Ideal for beginners and sight-reading practice for early graded examinations. Balamory [Paterson, Foster]. Easiest Piano Songbook: Christmas Carols is suitable for young beginners up to Grade 1, each song is designed to be as easy as possible, whilst creating an effective Piano solo that children will enjoy playing.

Wise Publications Partition Variete - The Original Little Black Songbook Description A pocket-sized collection of 70 songs, presented in chord songbook format and arranged in the same keys as the original recordings with chord symbols, Guitar chord boxes and complete lyrics. Songlist After You've Gone Ah! Wise Publications Partition Variete - Little Black Book Of Solid Gold Hits Description A pocket-sized collection of over 80 songs presented in chord songbook format, arranged in the same keys as the original recordings. Rock This Country!

Complete with song background notes, and playing hints and tips. Suitable for both male and female beginners, this step-by-step guide takes you through the basics, from how to stand and breathe correctly, to singing your first song. These uncomplicated arrangements mean there are only three simple chords to learn for each song and, with songs in different keys, you'll rapidly extend your chord skills and list of songs.

Includes some of the best songs from two decades of classic music, with no more than six chords to learn for the whole book! Arranged by Chris Hussey. Enjoy hours of fun playing songs with simple chord changes clearly shown above the lyrics. It's easy — just pick up your Guitar and find out how simple it is to play your favourite hits! Includes easy-to-read chord boxes, playing guide, full lyrics. Songs, by artists such as Razorlight, Coldplay and The Kooks, are presented here in special arrangements so that you can play them with only four chords! This companion to the best-selling Absolute Beginners tutor series goes beyond just listing scale shapes, it shows you how they are formed, and how to use scales in solos and when playing lead guitar.

All the words to every song are included, the only thing that's missing is you! So, choose your favourite backing tracks and start singing like the stars. Wise Publications Complete Keyboard Player Songbook - 15 Showstoppers - Keyboard Description Fifteen huge hits from the Broadway and The West End have been specially arranged for the Keyboard beginner, so that you can impress your friends and capture the magic of your favourite shows. Each song features complete lyrics, all the chord diagrams you'll need and a guide to the best fingering for each chord.

There are even some helpful suggestions concerning choice of voice, tempo and accompaniment. There's no easier and more satisfying way to really get to grips with the Electronic Keyboard than by learning the songs you know and love! Wise Publications David Zubraski - Drums - Absolute Beginners-Music Book With Cd - Drums Description Budding drummers start here with this terrific tutor pack, telling you everything you need to know from the very first time you pick up your sticks. Check out the CD containing audio versions of the exercises in addition to full-length accompaniment tracks for you to play along with.

Each book in this fantastic series contains practical advice and tips covering everything you need to know about setting up, playing and maintenance. Wise Publications Sing Pop Ballads! Includes specially recorded 'soundalike' backing tracks CD. The book contains full lyrics and melody line notation. This simple step-by-step approach assumes absolutely no previous musical experience, making it ideal as a first instrument for the young or any musical novice.

The book is complete with a high quality nickel-finished D-tuning Feadog original Irish whistle, providing everything you need to get started. Illustrated throughout with clear diagrams, and packed with tunes you'll recognise and love. Everything is explained clearly, allowing you to make fast progress without the aid of a teacher.

Get started immediately, and being enjoying the wonders of the musical world's most accessible and entertaining instruments. Wise Publications Roscetti Ed - Creating Professional Drum Loops - Percussion Description Whether you are looking for the much-sampled sly grooves of Northern Soul or the thundering barrage of today's programmers, creating an effective loop is the key to your beat.

Ed Roscetti presents a clear and concise guide to nailing the tightest loops and the biggest beats. An accompanying CD contains over 30 loops that can be imported as Audio Files into your own system. All are presented in notation with detailed descriptions of the Drums, sticks and beaters used. Each loop can also be split into separate Drumset and Percussion parts so you can hear how they work, or manipulate them yourself individually!

All of this is supported by Roscetti's easy-to-follow instructions and descriptions that will leave you with all the skills you need to make a good drum loop great! Complete lyrics to all the songs. The music has been newly engraved and superbly presented on the page to make playing a real pleasure. Wise Publications Leo Alfassy - Blues Hanon Revised Edition - Piano Solo Description Inspired by Charles-Louis Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist — the essential technical method for any classical player — these new volumes present a modern-day equivalent for the musician seeking to play the key piano styles of the 20th century.

Each book develops basic technique and true facility in each genre through authentic, progressive exercises and etudes. The music in these books is fun to play for pianists at every level, building the necessary skills in each style while providing extensive musical and stylistic insight. S Bach. Matthew Passion; Invention No. Matthew Passion; Passepied No. Wise Publications Leo Alfassy - Boogie Woogie Hanon - Piano Solo Description Inspired by Charles-Louis Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist — the essential technical method for any classical player — these new volumes present a modern-day equivalent for the musician seeking to play the key piano styles of the 20th century.

Compiled and arranged by Paul Honey, this collection contains all your favourite carols as you've never heard them before! Each song is arranged for solo Piano with chords symbols. Wise Publications Leo Alfassy - Jazz Hanon Revised Edition - Piano Solo Zopc Description Inspired by Charles-Louis Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist — the essential technical method for any classical player — these new volumes present a modern-day equivalent for the musician seeking to play the key piano styles of the 20th century. The award-winning Absolute Beginners series takes you step-by-step from first-day exercises to playing full pieces, with helpful photos, clear demonstrations and jargon-free explanations.

The enclosed CD includes demonstrations of the exercises and backing tracks so you can play along.

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Ideal for beginners, the music is newly engraved and includes chord symbols and lyrics where appropriate. Arranged by Stephen Duro. Featuring some of the world's greatest pieces of music, from a variety of different genres, the 'Top Ten' series contains something for everyone. Berceuse from Dolly Suite, Op. Ideal for the beginner, each song has suggested chord symbols, lyrics, suggested registration, rhythm and tempo.

Easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams are grouped together at the start of each song and show all the left-hand chord voicings used. All the songs have been arranged in the original keys. Songlist So It Was Make your chord skills come alive with these hit songs! Specially arranged using all ten chords you learned in the Tutor book, these uncomplicated arrangements mean you can be playing some of your favourite songs almost immediately! Also included with this book is a specially recorded CD of backing tracks to play along with, giving you a chance to play these songs as part of a virtual band!

Wonderful Tonight Yellow. Simplified versions of great songs like Angie, Golden Brown, Maggie May and many more are all included. All the music is arranged for Piano and Vocal, with Guitar chord symbols. Lose yourself in heart-rending melodies by Beethoven, Elgar and Debussy. We've roamed freely across the past two hundred years of music to create this tranquil Piano selection for you. There's a piece each by Chopin and Liszt, two major stars of the early Romantic era; a couple of jewels from the Parisian belle epoque by Satie and Massenet; unforgettable melodies from the pens of Dvorak and Rachmaninoff; while closer to our own time there's beautiful music by Philip Glass, Neil Cowley and Ludovico Einaudi.

Let life's stresses melt away as you take a deep breath and lose yourself in these precious musical moments Consolation No. This volume contains 10 of the very best contemporary pieces for solo Piano. Some people associate classical music very much with the historic past, but there is a wealth of contemporary music out there from a new wave of distinctive and adventurous writers, including plenty of fantastic pieces written for solo Piano. Whether you are already familiar with some of these composers or not, we are confident you will love playing their beautiful music.

Often simple in style, there is something magical about the way these writers make the Piano sound, so delve in and enjoy Each song includes song background notes, useful hints and tips and fingering guides throughout. Adele's career began after a friend posted her demo on MySpace in , since then, she has released three studio albums and her popularity has soared, with her fan base growing to stratospheric levels.

Each song in this Adele sheet music songbook features a simplified Piano arrangement, chord symbols, fingering guidance throughout, as well as lyrics, song background information and performance hints and tips, to help you get the most out of these wonderful songs. An English singer, songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist, Adele took a hiatus from the music industry after her bestselling album '21', but then returned triumphantly with '25', smashing many previous records and becoming the fastest selling album of all time in numerous countries.

A fantastic album, '25' was hailed by many insiders as saving the music industry, motivating many people to purchase physical copies of the album. This Really Easy Piano Adele sheet music book will let you play some of these new songs as well as all of Adele's greatest hits in Easy Piano arrangements. Each song includes a suggested voice, rhythm and tempo!

Ideal for the beginner, each piece has chord symbols, lyrics where appropriate , suggested voice, rhythm and tempo. Easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams are grouped together at the start of each piece and show all the left-hand chords used. Thirteen classic pop hits specially arranged for all electronic keyboards by Paul Honey, complete with lyrics, fingering and chord symbols. Each song includes a suggested voice, rhythm and tempo. Chords and left hand fingerings are shown and rhythm patterns are presented in tablature. Beginning with the very basics, you'll learn your first notes, chords and Harp techniques before progressing to proper full Blues pieces with bends, vamps and a whole variety of other special effects All the tunes in the book feature professional quality backing tracks on the accompanying CD.

Dozens of pictures will make the learning process fast and easy, and the straight-forward nature of the Blues means that you'll pick up all of the tunes in no time at all - and before long you'll be improvising your very own! Contenu : Apologize [Timbaland Feat. Paroles et accords. Contenu : 1. Presented in chord songbook format, in the original keys, with ukulele chord boxes and complete lyrics. Format poche. As a result of the extended period of music history covered in this volume, beginning Pianists of all ages will discover material suited to their particular need.

The pieces are simple enough to appeal to the beginning student as a first sight reading book. Even at University level, the student will find a rich source of material to supplement his study of theory and composition. Students, teachers, and all pianists should find these original miniatures valuable for study, recital, sight reading, or just relaxing musical entertainment of the highest caliber.

Arranged by Stephen Duro, suitable for pianists from Grade 2 standard. Wise Publications Twain Shania - Shania Twain - Easiest Keyboard Collection - Keyboard Description 22 great songs by the queen of country-pop in melody line arrangements with chord symbols and suggested registrations. Ideal for the beginner, each song has chord symbols, lyrics, suggested registration, rhythm and tempo. Easy to follow keyboard diagrams are grouped together at the start of each song and show all the left-hand chord voicings used.

Complete lyrics and chords to all the songs from the Stereophonic's third and fourth albums, in one book. Specially arranged for the actual recordings, in the original keys. Each song includes chord symbols, guitar chord boxes and complete lyrics. Also includes a playing guide. Includes Madame Helga, Mr. Writer and Have A Nice Day. This collection of sensational chart-topping ballads by your favourite Boy Bands has been expertly arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar to match the sound of the original group.

Sing classic ballads from Boyzone's version of the classic hit No Matter What to Westlife's take of the beautiful song You Raise Me Up - this collection really has it all! The multi award-winning Sussex trio have captured the thoughts and sounds of a jilted generation full of mistrust and confusion, but with the hope and optimism that made Hopes And Fears so satisfying and addictive. Each song from the album has been presented here in easy-to-read, simplified piano arrangements - ideal for the Grade pianist.

Leaving So Soon? Each song is freshly engraved and includes full lyrics and guitar chord boxes. Ideal for beginners, the music is newly engraved and includes chord symbols and lyrics. Wise Publications The Ukuleles - Ukulele Description This new book is the matching folio to the debut album by the band of the summer! The songs from the album are presented here with ukulele chords, tab and complete lyrics so that you can strum along with the band.

Wise Publications Complete Organ Player Book 1 - Organ Description This book teaches you everything you need to know to play modern style organ, and is specially written for the benefit of students who are teaching themselves. No previous knowledge of the organ is needed, as the course starts at the very beginning and progresses right up to professional standard.

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  • Wise Publications Kenneth Baker - Complete Keyboard Player - Book 2 - Keyboard Description The Complete Keyboard Player series will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your electronic keyboard, in a fraction of the time it takes to learn a conventional instrument. All three books are available with an optional professional-quality CD, with full-band backing tracks and demosntrations of all songs. Wise Publications Baker Kenneth - The Complete Keyboard Player - Book 3 Description The Complete Keyboard Player series will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your electronic keyboard, in a fraction of the time it takes to learn a conventional instrument. Ebooks and Manuals

    Complete with full lyrics and chord symbols. Wise Publications Baker Kenneth - The Complete Keyboard Player - Book 1 - Keyboard Description The Complete Keyboard Player series will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your electronic keyboard, in a fraction of the time it takes to learn a conventional instrument. Wise Publications Harmonica - Harmonica Description Learning to play harmonica is now easier than ever before! Metal Guitar - Guitar Tab Description Most electric guitar players like their music heavy, but how many of us really know the difference between Doom and Death metal?

    Which bands' riffs are cool, and which ones will get you laughed out of the guitar shop? Never mind It's Easy To Bluff gives you all the skills you need! There's a guide to all the different types of metal, with - most importantly - a coolness rating for each one. Learn to play some impressive licks and riffs and discover everything you need to hold your own at any metal gig. Looking for a fancy chord? Want to play with an alternative tuning? Fancy learning a cool new riff?

    Like to brush up your scales? It's all in this book, organised to put all the most common information guitar players need in just one book. It's clear, it's straightforward and it just may be the best guitar reference book you'll ever own. With this superb book you get a comprehensive guitar course featuring step-by-step pictures which take you from first day exercises to playing along with backing tracks.

    Based on popular, well known songs, it assumes no previous knowledge of the guitar or music. Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. Violin Concerto in B Minor, Op. All the songs have been specially arranged in their original keys. All of the licks are demonstrated on the CD by the author. Also includes stunning Guitar solos showcasing the licks in each style. This incredible collection provides every guitarist with an arsenal of lead guitar tricks to create jaw-dropping solos. Ideal for the beginner, each carol has chord symbols, lyrics, suggested registration, rhythm and tempo.

    Ideal for the beginner, each song has chord symbols, lyrics, suggested registrations, rhythm and tempo. Easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams at the beginning of the piece show all the left-hand chord voicings used. Expertly arranged by composer Dario Marianelli for intermediate-level Piano, it includes unforgettable full-colour imagery from the film, a specially prepared foreword and an exclusive Piano duet arrangement to be enjoyed by pianists of all levels. A Light Pomade? Window Cleaning. There is such variety within the genre we call 'jazz' it seems almost impossible to do it justice in just ten songs, but we've given it our best shot.

    Some of the pieces are arranged for Piano and Voice; others are purely instrumental, but every one possesses that special something that has earned it a place in our collection, and indeed in the heads and hearts of countless jazz lovers around the world. Pieces Include Preludes Op. Adagio sostenuto [D-flat major] Piano Concerto No. Alla marcia [G minor] Preludes, Op.

    Largo [G-flat major] Preludes, Op. Moderato [G major] Preludes, Op. Lento [B minor] Preludes, Op. Shestopsalmiye Glory be to God Vocalise No. A welcome addition to the Complete Piano Player series, providing the beginner an opportunity of playing some of the finest songs. Wise Publications Partition Classique - The Joy Of Sibelius - Piano This collection of sheet music by the great Finnish composer Jean Sibelius features 24 of his most enjoyable and influential pieces, all newly-arranged especially for this volume.

    The tonal innovations and idiosyncratic compositional style of this hugely prolific composer truly does illustrate the genuine Joy Of Sibelius. The pieces by Sibelius included in this collection exhibit the influences that he absorbed as well as his own stylistic developments. Sibelius' music was highly individual, finding influence in nature and poetry, as well as other composers such as Wagner, Bruckner and Tchaikovsky. Other pieces like selections from the 13 Morceaux, Impromptu, Op. His tone poems, ideas about the thematic nature of symphonies and his musical contributions to the Finnish national identity have made him one of the most popular 20th century composers, with time and retrospect dismissing some contemporary critics' opinions of him.

    With coinciding with Sibelius' th birthday, now is the perfect time to discover one of the giants of symphonic music, or to rediscover a favourite of many pianists. The Joy Of New titles are constantly being added to an already extensive range, ensuring that The Joy Of If you're a fan of the genius that is Jean Sibelius and his perfectly-formed works, you are guaranteed to love the 24 pieces included in The Joy Of Sibelius. Equally, if you just want a wonderful collection of solo Piano sheet music, this fantastic book will suit you perfectly. Carillon 13 Morceaux, Op. Consolation 13 Morceaux, Op.

    Affettuoso 13 Morceaux, Op. Elegiaco 13 Morceaux, Op. Harlequinade 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op. Romance 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op. Humoresque 5 Morceaux Romantiques, Op. Le Sapin 5 Morceaux, Op. Iris 5 Morceaux, Op. Danse Symphony No. This is a collection of the very best. Wise Publications Stuart 'Son' Maxwell - Starting Blues Harmonica - Harmonica Description This enjoyable introduction to harmonica lets you listen to the CD, practise the pieces in the book and then play along with the backing tracks.

    Starting Blues Harmonica has been created with beginners in mind. All the tunes have fantastic CD backing tracks recorded by a live band. The book includes photographs and diagrams to make learning fast and fun. The Complete Junior Guitarist is the perfect starter course for young boys and girls. Expert advice on all the key areas: Advice about what sort of Guitar to buyHolding the Guitar properlyTuning upBasic chords and strumming patternsMastering all of the basicsThis fully-illustrated book also features a wide range of songs all specially composed to be easy to play so that great-sounding results come faster!

    Start them right with the book that delivers fast-track learning from day one. Wise Publications Childrens Favourites - Melody Line, Lyrics And Chords Description Twenty-seven of the most popular children's songs in easy melody line arrangements for all electronic keyboards. This book is packed with seventeen yuletide songs with complete lyrics so that everyone can sing along.

    Chord symbols and fingering charts are provided for every tune, alongside some helpful suggestions concerning voice, tempo and accompaniment choices. Your living room will become a feast of music and singing - the perfect way to capture that special Christmas atmosphere! All arranged by Stephen Duro for easy-to-play Piano, complete with lyrics and chord symbols.

    Ideal for the beginner, each theme has chord symbols, lyrics and suggestions for registration, rhythm and tempo. Includes works by J. Great Classics - Piano Solo Description A great selection of well-known classical pieces, arranged for easy-play Piano with chord symbols, by Stephen Duro. Complete with chord symbols. The end of the past year produced pure pop gold, from Little Mix's big earworm Black Magic to Adele's impeccable return to form with Hello.

    If you're a beginner pianist looking to learn some of today's best pop tunes, the Really Easy Piano collection of Chart Hits is the songbook for you. For beginners or young pianists, the songbook includes performance notes, hints and handy fingering guides throughout, enabling players to learn these familiar songs quickly and easily.

    Boasting 16 chart-toppers, fascinating song background information and chord symbols throughout, Really Easy Piano is the best place to learn the catchiest contemporary songs. Wise Publications Classical Chillout - Piano Solo Description Relax with this tranquil compilation of eighteen pieces by master composers from the Classical period to the present day.

    Featuring easy to read, simplified arrangements for piano, these soothing pieces from the Classical, Romantic and Contemporary eras will give you the perfect opportunity to unwind at the Piano. From the mesmerising beauty of Adagio for Strings to the peaceful meandering Six Feet Under theme, there will be something to relax and induce calm, even in the most stressed. Songlist Adagietto Symphony No. Each song includes a suggested voice registration, rhythm and tempo.

    Ye Banks And Braes. Includes suggested voices, rhythms and tempos, fingering and lyrics, plus chord symbols and charts. Each song has chord symbols, lyrics where appropriate , suggested voice, rhythm and tempo. Easy to follow keyboard diagrams are grouped together at the start of each piece and show all the left-hand chord voicings used.

    Complete with chord symbols and performance tips. With this book you will find yourself playing today's most popular Irish music in no time. Don't forget to check out the other titles in the excellent I Can Play That! Wise Publications Baker Kenneth - Complete Keyboard Player Of Irish Songs - Melody Line, Lyrics And Chords Description Based on popular songs and with easy-to-follow text and diagrams, this excellent course assumes no prior knowledge of keyboards or music yet right from the beginning, you will be playing arrangements which include a complete rhythm section with full sounding chords, bass and drums.

    Irish Songs is a superb compilation of 17 popular songs from Ireland, arranged for all types of electronic keyboard by Kenneth Baker. Includes suggested registrations, fingering and lyrics, plus chord symbols and charts. Full-colour pictures on each page show you exactly how to play all the chords you need, alongside the melody line and lyrics, for this fantastic selection of timeless folk, blues, gospel and Christmas songs. Learn to play Harmonica with this great book, CD and Harmonica package.

    Step-by-step pictures take you from the first day exercises to playing along with a backing track, Absolute Beginners has been designed to tell you everything you need to know from the very first time you pick your Harmonica. A proven look and learn course, using clear pictures instead of reams of long explanation, this method gives practical tips covering everything you need to know about setting up, playing and maintenance. CD audio tracks to show you how things should sound, plus full length accompaniment tracks to play along with!

    Simple, complete and entertaining. This small format version contains everything from the larger version in a smaller more convenient package. Wise Publications The Complete Absolute Beginners Guitar Course - Cd Pack - Guitar Description This amazing tutorial pack contains books 1 and 2 from the Absolute Beginners series plus the songbook and fingering charts all in one volume, with 2 CDs to let you listen and learn with professional backing tracks.

    Wise Publications Karaoke Classics - Keyboard Description The Easiest Keyboard Collection is a series of repertoire pieces, of favourite and the most popular songs, arranged for electronic Keyboard. Get ready to grab the microphone, as this collection boasts 22 of today's most enduring 'karaoke hits', with songs from all of your favourite artists, arranged for easy Keyboard. Each song includes lyrics, chord symbols and chord note diagrams with suggested voice registration, tempo and rhythm. Since then, as additional titles were added, the series has won widespread praise and universal acceptance by both teachers and students as a valuable and unique library of piano materials.

    All those interested in the literature for the piano have been well served by Denes Agay's intelligent compilations and by his jusicious editing. The series set a new high standard for piano teaching materials and is distinghished by an editorial approach that remains faithful to the composer's intentions.

    Suitable for pianists from grade standard. Wise Publications Eezy Peezy Classical Favourites - Piano Solo Description This wonderful compilation includes twenty-two of your favourite classical pieces, all arranged for easy piano! Features music by Schubert, Handel, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. Master the masters the simple way! Wise Publications Classics - Melody Line, Lyrics And Chords Description Twenty-two popular classical themes in easy melody line arrangements for all electronic keyboards. Suitable for pianists from grade 3 standard. Showstoppers - Lyrics And Chords Description A great selection of showstopping songs from the top stage musicals, arranged for easy-play Piano by Stephen Duro.

    Complete with chord symbols and lyrics. Wise Publications Absolute Beginners - Keyboard Description This superb book takes you through a comprehensive keyboard course with all the great features that come with this series: advice and tips and backing tracks on CD. Includes chord symbols, ukulele chord boxes and complete lyrics for each song.

    Includes a specially recorded 'soundalike' CD with tracks for each song. Specially arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar. These silly songs will have you laughing all the way to the piano! Songlist Ah! Suitable for intermediate standard pianists. More No. Easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams are grouped together at the start of each piece and show all left-hand chord voicings used. Each song includes lyrics, chord symbols and chord notes diagrams, with suggested voice registration, rhtyhm and tempo. A superb collection all expertly arranged for piano by Kenneth Baker, complete with fingering and chords.

    Ideal for players from grade three standard. This collection contains some of today's best-selling 'chart busters', with songs from some of your favourite artists, arranged for easy Keyboard. Wise Publications 21St Century Hits - Keyboard Description A collection of 21 popular hits in easy melody line arrangements for all electronic keyboards. Wise Publications Bennett Joe - The Complete Picture Guide To Playing Guitar - Guitar Description If you have ever been left feeling dazed and confused by the sheer volume and variety of guitar methods to choose from, or simply put off by the amount of text to wade through before you even start playing, then this book is exactly what you need.

    Using pictures and diagrams to show you the essentials, here is the most simple and direct way to start playing the guitar - immediately! Perfect for the absolute beginner, no prior musical knowledge or experience is required as you progress effortlessly from tuning and finger positions to basic chords and strumming. Rex within minutes! There really is no easier way, without delay, to become a musician - today! Accompanying CD includes demonstrations of the lessons.

    From the silky-smooth soul of Walk On By and Crazy to the swinging sophistication of Beyond The Sea and It's Not Unusual, every song included here has been an audience favourite for decades. With helpful suggestions concerning choice of voice, tempo and accompaniment, there's no easier and more satisfying way to really get to grips with the electronic keyboard than by learning the songs you know and love! Includes full lyrics, chord symbols, guitar boxes and playing guide.

    All the songs have been specially arranged by Rob Smith in the original keys from the actual hit recordings. Wise Publications The Joy of Sibelius. Wise Publications - The Joy of Liszt - pour piano. Wise Publications - The Joy of Rachmaninoff. Includes clear step-by-step instruction for each section of every song and the accompanying CD contains backing tracks, with and without lead guitar, for easy learning, practice and for playing along. Interactive technology lets you learn at your own pace and allows you to glean the most from each lesson, and the DVD also includes a bonus tips section and explains how to recreate and replicate The Edge's distinctive sound.

    Paroles et accrods. Partitions pour chant paroles et guitare diagrammes d'accords. Why not strut your stuff as you play along to recent artists like Olly Murs, with easy play-along tracks for Alto Saxophone. Easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams are grouped together at the start of each piece and show all the left-hand chord voicings used.

    The Easiest Keyboard Collection is the fastest way for beginner and developing keyboard players to play some of the most enjoyable music available. The arrangements for each song include chord symbols and lyrics, plus suggested registration, rhythm and tempo while the easy-to-follow keyboard diagrams show the left-hand chord voicings used. From the folk-tinged classics of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan to the pure pop perfection of Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Blur, you will never again be stuck for that special song - no matter what the occasion.

    Each song in the The Little Black Book Of Acoustic Songs For Ukulele has been carefully arranged for Voice and Ukulele in the same key as the original recording, with complete lyrics and a handy chord-box reference sheet. Presented in chord songbook format, the songs in this Little Black Book are arranged in the same keys as the original recordings with chord symbols, guitar chord boxes and complete lyrics. En angalis, avec un CD conetant les play along des exemples du livres. Specially arranged from the actual recordings in the original keys.

    Wise Publications Sax Midnight Wonderful Tonight - Saxophone Description Twenty-two classic songs, specially arranged for E flat and B flat saxophones, with chord symbols so your friends can play along! Turn down the lights, relax and enjoy this great selection of cool late-night songs. Inclus 1 CD de playback. Disponible pour clarinette et saxophone. Iron Maiden Chop Suey! Poison Alice Cooper Question! Cette methode est faite pour vous. Wise Publications Partition Variete - Little Black Songbook - Acoustic Classics Livre de poche regroupant les partitions pour chant et guitare diagrammes d'accords de plus de 90 classiques acoustiques.

    Des Beatles en passant par Coldplay et Bob Dylan. Complete with song background notes and playing hints and tips. Very simple Piano arrangements, with lyrics and chord symbols by Stephen Duro. Songlist Amazing Grace [Traditional] Baa! Travis Will You? Demonstration and playalong tracks are available to stream and download Top line arrangements for ten of the best film songs arranged for Alto Saxophone. Audio: full demonstration recordings of each piece, plus accompaniment-only, solo-only and rehearsal backing tracks. A download card is also included so that you can hear specially recorded versions of the tunes, before playing along to them yourself.

    With the innovative Download Card, you can hear the tracks exactly as they're meant to be played, with the specially-recorded demonstration audio. Then, the same song is played with the Saxophone part removed, so that you can slot right in and play as if you were leading a full band. This great feature will ensure that you can play the songs precisely as they're played in the films, giving you an unprecedented level of accuracy when performing or practising.

    Also included is a Saxophone fingering guide, enabling you to get these film themes off the page and through your fingers. Featuring the best songs from the biggest films, you're guaranteed to love taking the guest spot on these tunes. Included within this Little Black Book are some not-so-little hits that are universally known as some of the greatest songs ever, composed by some of the greatest artists to have graced the airwaves.

    Reading the contents is like looking back through time at the legends and geniuses of the musical world - those performers and bands who transcend genres and time periods to become immortal. If you've ever wanted to play songs like Bohemian Rhapsody even though the list of chords takes up almost a page! With handy chord boxes, chord symbols and full lyrics, you can learn the songs exactly as these musicians have played them, and therefore nail each and every tune here.

    This All-Time Hit Songs book is perfect for a variety of players, with simpler songs that are stalwarts of a buskers' repertoire as well as more challenging tunes for the advanced player. The old favourites rub shoulders with contemporary pop melodies making this Guitar chord song book perfect for musicians and audiences of all tastes. Perfect for the home or on the move, Guitarists will love every one of these immortal hits. Parfait pour les guitaristes, pianistes et autres musiciens.

    Arrangements pour piano, voix, guitare diagrammes d'accords. Wise Publications Christmas Hits Junior Guest Spot - Flute Description Fifteen festive hits and traditional carols in easy melody line arrangements by Paul Honey, with specially recorded backing tracks. Junior Guest Spot is ideal for beginners and young performers, with short easy arrangements in simple keys, simplified rhythms, and audible clicks on the backing tracks to cue you into each song.

    Why not strut your stuff as you play along to recent artists like Eliza Doolittle, with easy play-along tracks for Flute. The CD Hear the full performance versions of the music tracks. The Flute part is then omitted so you can play along with the recorded accompaniments. The Music Book Top line arrangements for all 10 pieces, plus Flute fingering guide. Wise Publications Really Easy Guitar! Each riff presented in standard notation and TAB Note-by-note performance instructions Half speed demonstration of each riff Full-speed backing tracks for you to practice with Chord boxes Hints and tips on getting exactly the right sound Songlist Addicted To Love [Palmer, Robert] Alive [P.

    Strum and sting these great songs using easy chord boxes, simple guitar TAB and full lyrics. The high quality backing tracks on the enclosed CD give you authentic soundalike Sting and Police arrangements - just like the original recordings! Tips and tricks that show you how to play those distinctive riffs and intros too! Special beginner section will get you playing in no time at all - it couldn't be easier!

    Just tune your guitar and start playing! Wise Publications The Complete Rock And Pop Guitar Player - Book 2 - Guitar Description Now updated and revised, this is part two of the fun and easy electric guitar course that lets you play right from the first lesson. Based on popular well-known songs, it assumes no previous knowledge of the guitar or music. Wise Publications Bennett Joe - Christmas Hits - Guitar Description Strum and sing these popular festive hit songs using easy chord boxes, tab and full lyrics. The high quality backing tracks on the accompanying CD provide you with professional-sounding arrangements of all 14 songs.

    The clarinet part is then omitted so you can play along with the recorded accompaniments. The Music Book Top line arrangements for all 10 pieces, plus clarinet fingering guide. Show them what you can do with 10 great songs from the sensational TV hit show. You get top line arrangements and fingering guide - plus the accompanying CDs give you demonstration tracks and professional backing tracks for each song to make the most of your talent. Why not strut your stuff as you play along to recent artists like The Wanted, with easy play-along tracks for Clarinet.

    Includes clearly illustrated scales with two different shapes for each scale, plus bonus CD demonstrating how each scale should sound. All music is arranged for easy electric keyboard, including lyrics, chord symbols and chord note diagrams, along with suggested voice registration, rhythm and tempo. Fifteen songs from today's pop hits for saxophone, in really easy melody line arrangements by Paul Honey. Have fun playing along with the specially recorded CD for a more professional performance.

    In this book, start with a fingerpicking riff and some more new chords, and move on to chord inversions, arpeggios, triad riffs, reading and playing from TAB, and learning great songs. A complete method for playing electric guitar from the beginning to advaced playing. Ideal for classroom and private use. Strut your stuff as you play along to recent artists like Passenger, with easy play-along tracks for Violin. Read the easy-to-understand instruction book and watch as an expert teacher demonstrates songs and techniques on the DVD.

    Includes plenty of tunes to get you started.

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    Tablature offers an intuitive and coherent way of using printed music on the guitar without having to learn to read traditional notation - rather than seeing only the notes to be played, tablature guides your fingers to exactly the right frets and strings! This comprehensive tutorial includes: Easy-to-follow diagramsPhotos of correct fingeringsClear explanations of TAB notation with examplesAudio recordings of every example on the accompanying CDA host of hints and tips to help youalong the way.

    Complete with full lyrics, chord symbols, guitar boxes and playing guide. Includes big hits from T. Rex, Oasis, Queen, David Bowie and many other chart legends. Now you can sing and play your favourite Jam hits on guitar in no time Full lyrics, chord boxes and playing guide. On the CD: Hear the full performance versions of the songs from the songs from tracks on disc 1.

    The instrumental part is then omitted from tracks of disc 2 to enable you to play along woth the recorded accompaniment. In the book: Top line arrangements of all the songs plus instrumental fingering guide. Wise Publications 6 Chord Songbook - Hits Collection - Lyrics And Chords Description A selection of fantastic hits and classic tunes for you to play, all requiring only six simple chords! No longer do you have to fight your way through pages of tutorials and music theory, just to play the music of your favourite artist. This large and varied collection has something for every occasion and for all tastes, from 60s greats to more contemporary bands such as The Thrills and The Flaming Lips.