Manual Turning Your BlackBerry® Messenger Into a Goldmine

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  1. Facebook's Workplace Could Replace All Emails Within Your Company
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Slack and Yammer promise to bring visibility to what people are really working on at large organizations.

Facebook's Workplace Could Replace All Emails Within Your Company

They enable companies to be open and participative. And yet, d espite showing great promises, neither has gone mainstream. There is a common refrain among economists: Sunk costs don't matter.

BlackBerry Reportedly Considering Turning BBM Into Spinoff Subsidiary

That is, when an amount of money or effort has been spent and can't be retrieved, it is said to be sunk or gone, like spilled milk. Rationally, one should ignore sunk costs and move on, but that is hard advice to follow. Richard Thaler, the celebrated behavioral economist from Chicago University, illustrated this through a study that involved different levels of initiation for three groups of students waiting to join a discussion group.


As the sunk cost hypothesis would predict, the students who endured the most pain also exhibited the greatest commitment to the discussion group they later joined. Humans are rarely entirely rational.

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The more we invest in the status quo, the less likely we are to change. And if we spend up to six hours a day on an existing email interface, switching to Yammer or Slack requires just too much cognitive effort, even when the existing technology is inferior to the new offering. With a global workforce of more than ,, RBS had signed up for an early trial for a subgroup of 30, employees in Facebook claimed that more than 1, companies have been using the new service for free , including other big names like Heineken, Starbucks, Club Med, Danone, and Campbell's. These twos, thankfully, remain separate.

Functionalities such as newsfeed and groups are well-understood by most users. The only way we know how to do that at the scale we operate at is artificial intelligence. It is the data, not quick profits, that Facebook's Workplace is generating.

The Hacker News – Search results for BlackBerry

If Facebook gets this right, we'll no longer close our social media tabs when our bosses walk past. When we first heard about fasting, we immediately relate the term to the Catholics who practice this during Lent or to Muslims during Ramadan. In ancient times when people fasted they…. To the millions of men out there, who still find it a puzzle to get their beloved wife to bed. They fumble, they grope in the dark for clues and symbols.

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Reward Yourself

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