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So why not use my right to do so? While Wilder didn't cause that kind of damage, he nonetheless obliterated Breazeale with a massive right hand for a violent first-round knockout victory before an announced crowd of 13, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Wilder, one of the great punchers of all time, retained his world title for the ninth time as he scored one of the most spectacular knockouts in a career filled with them.

It will undoubtedly be a candidate for knockout of the year. There's been a lot of animosity and a lot of words that were said, and it just came out of me tonight. That's what makes boxing so great. In retaining his title for the ninth consecutive time, Wilder tied Muhammad Ali during his first title reign , Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson in his first reign and Lennox Lewis in his second reign on the all-time heavyweight list.

The all-time record for any division is 25 by Joe Louis. Other heavyweights who are still ahead of Wilder are Larry Holmes 20 , Wladimir Klitschko 18 in his second reign , Vitali Klitschko 11 in his second reign , Tommy Burns 11 and Ali 10 in his second reign. A Wilder right hand hurt fellow 6-foot-7 giant Breazeale early, and then he got another through that sent Breazeale toward the ropes. Breazeale shook his head and smiled as if the punch did not hurt him, but it was clear it had.

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Wilder was all over him and landing punches. When I hit him with the right hand the first time, his body language changed," Wilder said. Breazeale mounted a short rally in which he also landed a couple of right hands -- the only two punches he landed of his 10 attempts in the fight, according to CompuBox -- one of which knocked Wilder off balance, but Wilder was undeterred.

He kept swinging in what was turning into a slugfest. It is not wise for anyone to bang with a man as powerful as Wilder, who then unleashed a monstrous right hand that connected clean on the chin and dropped Breazeale hard on his back spread-eagle. Breazeale attempted to get to his feet, but referee Harvey Dock counted him out at 2 minutes, 17 seconds. I got on my feet and had my legs under me. It's the heavyweight division, so there's going to be big shots from guys with power.

I thought I was going to come on in the later rounds. I'll be back and go for the heavyweight title again. The intense animosity between Wilder , 40 KOs , 33, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Breazeale , 18 KOs , 33, of Eastvale, California, stemmed from an incident in February , when Wilder retained his title and Breazeale won on the undercard in Birmingham, Alabama. Later that night, there was a confrontation between the fighters and their teams at the fight hotel, and Breazeale alleged that Wilder's younger brother, Marsellos, had punched him in the head from behind. We shake hands, and we live to see another day, and that's what it's all about.

Then attention turned to the future. Great stuff poisonrock29 23 August I literally laughed till i cried at this super piece of work. I am a big fan of Gene Wilder, he seems to have a natural ability to make me laugh, so i knew i was in for a good laugh here. I must have seen The Woman in Red about 12 times now over the years and it just keeps getting better. What a shame Gene Wilder doesn't make movies any more, i feel there is no good talent around for comedy these days.

It seems to be just young guys who are good looking so people would like them whatever they do. Gene Wilder on the other hand is a comedy legend, not just an actor but a director and writer, he is a man of many talents and i really miss him. Also worth noting about The Woman in Red is the soundtrack by Stevie Wonder, it's so 80's and it just brings me back to those days again.

Gene Wilder plays a man seeking adventure in his life and becomes obsessed with the woman in red played by Kelly LeBrock.

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That's your basic storyline, simple and straight to the point so the laughs begin immediately as Teddy Wilder pursues Charlotte LeBrock and gets into all kinds of trouble as he chases after the woman in red. Enjoyable and Crazy Comedy! I first seen this movie years ago and really liked it, and now after checking it out again, it still has that magic. It also includes a fine cast of stars. Gene Wilder is pretty funny in this. There are plenty of gags too. But, unlike most comedy films, there is a decent and enjoyable storyline included as well.

So I'd say there's something for everyone in this movie. It's romantic, funny, engaging and damn right crazy at times! Check it out! ListerUK 17 September Wilder's only film he directed in a contemporary setting is by far his most successful effort. His performance is, as usual, superb and he is surrounded by well chosen actors who also provide laughs. The ending leans a bit too close to whimsical, but it hardly deters the viewer's enjoyment. Scenes involving Wilder's character and his friends jokingly discussing each other's affairs is equal to the perfectly written exchanges of a Woody Allen movie.

Also worth noting is Gilda Radner's brilliant love lorn and scorned office colleague. Her presence on screen is a real high point. Vivekmaru45 17 March This is the film which is very dear to me. It stars my favorite actor: Gene Wilder. The film deals with the topic of love-at-first-sigh and what a love and at what a time in his life!!! San Francisco ad man Teddy Pierce Wilder falls head over heals in love with Charlotte Kelly LeBrock as she walks over a grate and a rush of air from the grate causes her skirt to lift up in a revealing manner a parody of Marilyn Monroe in The Seven-Year Itch.

Teddy is happily married to Didi, but he can't get this woman out of his mind. Encouraged by his friends Buddy, Joe and Michael, he tries to ask her for a date but mistakenly phones Ms. Milner, a plain ad-agency employee, instead. Teddy ultimately does become acquainted with Charlotte. He begins using elaborate ruses to see her socially without his wife finding out. Meanwhile, he incurs the wrath of Ms. Milner, whom he stands up. Events come to a head in Charlotte's high-rise apartment, where she invites Teddy into her bed. What happens next is for YOU to find out. Buy this one without further delay.

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  • TWIR is a classic in a way that many others claim to be As a comedy I don't think it has you bending over in fits of laughter, but there are some great scenes in there. Kelly Le Brock's character remains one of the hottest characters even to grace the screen. She was simply gorgeous and a knockout - a perfect fit for the role. The combination of great soundtrack courtesy of Stevie Wonder, the wonderful acting of Wilder, and the indescribable beauty of Le Brock form a powerful combination that helps explain why people are still watching this flick today - 23 years on!!

    I'd like to hear from those who gave it low votes - just what was missing from the film that you wanted to see? FlashCallahan 9 March Teddy is a middle-aged man who has a good wife, kids, friends, and a fine job. You could say that he has everything he wants; but he doesn't. One day he sees a gorgeous woman in a red dress, and becomes instantly infatuated with the model. He must have her Gene Wilder is one of those actors you could watch reading the phone directory, he's warm, funny, and very convincing.

    So even when you know he has also written and directed this poor excuse for a film, you cannot help but enjoy it just a little, because he is magnetic on screen. So he becomes obsessed with Le Brock after she has danced on an air vent. That's the get up of the whole film, but it cannot decide whether its a spoof of romantic movies, a deprecating parody of promiscuity, or just an all out dumb comedy. The more serious tones of the film, like marriage break ups and loneliness, do not sit right in the film, and Le Brock proves that she is just a pretty face, she cannot act, and I doubt Seagal gave her lessons.

    All In all, it's more of a vanity project for Wilder, making him appear irresistible to a woman, who wouldn't look at another man his age. At least the soundtrack is good. Good, very funny at times vchimpanzee 19 September The movie begins with Teddy apparently about to jump off a ledge nine stories up.

    He starts to tell us how it all began, and we go back to that day with the scene straight out of 'Seven Year Itch', only Charlotte has dark hair and is dressed in red.

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    And it turns out she is a model for the San Francisco cable car ad campaign, which Teddy is involved with. Despite that, Teddy has a lot of trouble meeting this woman, and his attempts meet with humorous results. For example, on more than one occasion he thinks he is talking to her but it turns out to be Ms.

    Milner, and this is good for a number a laughs. Teddy, however, shouldn't be thinking about another woman. He is married to Didi and they have two daughters. If Teddy needed any incentive to behave himself, he should keep in mind what happened to Joey when he cheated on Teresa Joey and Teresa's young son is staying with Teddy and Didi. And apparently he is not destined to have a relationship with Charlotte, because his attempts are just one disaster after another. Gene Wilder is good as always, especially with physical comedy and when he has to talk his way out of jams.

    Kelly LeBrock is pleasant and sweet, with a slightly naughty side I saw an edited version, so I surely didn't see all there was of her. Gilda Radner is nasty in a way that didn't appeal to me, but others might like it. I liked most of the songs by Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder, some of which they did together--though one gets played entirely too much on the radio all these years later and I got tired of it long ago.

    Wilder Series Poetry Book Prize

    There is some physical comedy, but plenty of funny situations too. But the movie is not all funny. Some of it is touching, and some parts are depressing. Some highlights, in addition to Joey's nasty surprise and Ms. Milner's bizarre behavior: -We hear one side of what may be a very naughty phone conversation at Teddy's workplace.

    I can't say more, but from the time Teddy arrives at her apartment until the end of the movie, everything is great and most of it is very funny. I can say, since this is how the movie began, that Teddy does end up out on a ledge. This was a pleasant, slightly naughty farce that was really worth seeing. Snittzel 21 January This is really a very interesting movie.

    It has some great comical situations which will make you laugh but there is much more to this film than a routine comedy. This story is about a man who has friends who are "playing around" and sees a lady who really tempts him to the max. She is a beautiful model who pushes all his buttons and he grows obsessed with the notion of having an affair with her. Throughout the film he is warned of the pitfalls of such a decision for the most part very funny warnings but his obsession is just too strong to resist.

    This film will put the viewer through a gamut of emotions, the excitement of romance, the adventure of the forbidden and the value of taking a hard look at your own life. It is a film which makes you laugh, makes you feel a lot of emotions and makes you think. I think Mr. Wilder should be commended for an excellent offbeat but funny and very interesting film that will speak volumes to those who look for the story inside the story. Women may appreciate this film more than men but this story really has an important message for anyone who is married and tempted Light comedies look like the easiest things to make when they work, but when they don't, it's more like quantum physics on acid.

    Take this sex farce. Teddy Pierce Gene Wilder is a happily married ad man in San Francisco who goes gaga when he catches a glimpse of a beautiful model Kelly LeBrock in racy undies. With the help of some friends, Teddy works around the suspicions of his wife Judith Ivey and the anger of a spurned co-worker Gilda Radner to arrange a furtive rendezvous with the object of his desire.

    Wilder, who wrote and directed, presents a comedy that is not only not funny, but so tonally off as to become uncomfortable to watch. Take the scenes with Radner. One of the great comedic talents of her time, Radner's wasted here as the butt of humor as mean as it is nonsensical. We see her as a love-starved crone being duped by bad luck into thinking Teddy wants to get romantic with her, only to find he doesn't.

    This drives her to inflict vengeance on him and his helpless car.

    Laura Ingalls Wilder

    Why does Teddy put up with this, rather than take it up with her or with HR? You might answer that it's because this is a farce, but elsewhere "The Woman In Red" is played much more dramatically, too much so. Two of Teddy's male friends undergo crises involving romantic partners that are played very seriously, and developed in a heavy- handed way by Wilder that threatens his largely jokeless comedy. Or was I supposed to be laughing when Joseph Bologna has a nervous breakdown after discovering his wife and kids left him?

    Wilder is only a little more successful working on Teddy's home life, as when Teddy discovers his wife keeps a revolver around the house and admits to being easily jealous.


    These don't connect to the main story, and they aren't funny on their own. At one point, we discover Teddy's wife hosts a diet clinic in their home for reasons that are never explained. The entire purpose of this seems to be to provide Wilder with an excuse for some physical humor, walking through a thick crowd of people in his character's living room while an instructor drones on about something called "the Alphabet diet:" "You have to watch yourself carefully because by the time you get to 'P,' you might put on all the weight you lost on 'K,'" she tells them. And what of LeBrock's character, Charlotte?

    As male fantasy object, she certainly works for me. Yet except for one scene in an elevator with Charles Grodin playing one of Teddy's friends , she never breaks out of that to develop any comic identity or dramatic interest. Wilder's performance alternates between goofy and wan; he was in an odd period in his career after some fantastic comedic performances over the prior 15 years apparently left him with no more mountains to climb.

    He seems tired and disengaged here, adding to the weight of a very labored film. One of Wilder better comedies of the 80's, it is also one of his funniest. Kelly LeBrock was at the peek of her career, for here, it was all down hill. LeBrock's beauty makes her the treasure of ever guy's desire.


    For Wilder, he is ready to destroy his life, in a funny way, in order to have her. Gilda Radner is just funny. Every time she is on the screen, she makes you laugh. Her addition to the cast makes everything else funny. A smaller role that what she was use to in previous films, her addition to the cast is beyond perfect. Much like the comedy team of Wilder and Pryor, Wilder and Radner had a great on screen chemistry, that was second to none when it came to comedy couples team.

    Let's be honest. This isn't a movie to take all that seriously, and it has to be evaluated on that basis. It's a bit of a thin storyline revolving around quiet ad executive Teddy's attempt to - well - get it on with the beautiful model Charlotte, in spite of the fact that he's happily married, and that Charlotte seems at least at first glance somewhat out of his league.

    Gene Wilder and Kelly Le Brock are the two main characters in this. Wilder was very good, and there were a lot of amusing scenes for him scattered throughout, and some fun moments of misunderstanding with his office colleague Ms Milner played by Wilder's real-life wife Gilda Radner. Even knowing that it's coming I can't help but laugh as Milner keys his car because she thinks he stood her up or sends him careening helplessly down one of San Francisco's hills or as he walks down the hall in his fancy new clothes and high fives a colleague with the words "What it is!

    She was fine and certainly didn't detract from the movie at all, although I didn't think her performance was especially powerful either. The movie is a wonderful length - at just perfect for a fun little comedy of no great importance. Not to be overlooked are some wonderful songs performed by Stevie Wonder and Dionne Warwick. The only part of the movie I really didn't care for had to do with the character of Shelly Michael Zorek - the punk boyfriend of one of Teddy's daughters.

    The character wasn't likable first of all, especially as he groped at Didi, and the character also served absolutely no purpose to the overall story. Aside from that, it is indeed a fun movie. The "Woman In Red" documents the travails of a married, settled man, and talks about 'reality'-type events that can happen in your life or in mine. The woman is GORGEOUS, and the situations presented therewith just the way things happen in real-life - confusions at the workplace, trepidations at the house, a dissatisfied cheating wife a Greco Roman peacock with paws!!

    Funny friends, divorces, heartbreaks and the boys' room fun However, as Wilder puts it while on the ledge "All just for a piece of ass? Not great, but a funny movie with Gene Wilder. TxMike 24 January Hard to believe, but this movie is over 20 years old!! While not a great movie, its rating on IMDb seems to be a bit low. I think it deserves a "6" or a "7". Gene Wilder was 50 here when he played Teddy Pierce, an otherwise normal married man who catches a glimpse of temptation in the beautiful form of Charlotte, played by Kelly LeBrock, In real life, an attraction such as this almost always ends a split second after it begins.

    Teddy was a typical, frumpy middle aged man, and Charlotte a slim, beautiful young woman. But the funny begins when Charlotte actually reciprocates the attraction. They end up in her place in the daytime, Teddy has undressed and is under the sheets, waiting for Charlotte, when -- surprise, surprise -- Charlotte's young and virile husband comes home unexpectedly.

    So Teddy exercises his only viable option, go out the window onto the ledge almost nude. The audience below thinks he wants to jump, and that attracts a big congregation of police and news media. His family see him on TV and the rest plays out in a very funny manner. Charles Grodin is very good as Buddy, the homosexual friend of Teddy's, and has to save the moment at a surprise party where Teddy is with Charlotte. In all an entertaining movie, nothing more. Kelly LeBrock started out as a model, and we can see why.