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  1. Making Assessment Matter: Using Test Results to Differentiate Reading Instruction
  2. The Importance of Differentiation in Reading | Ideas by Jivey
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These are typically low-stake tests, such as checklists, teacher observations, and miscue analysis. Data literacy is a process! Here are books we pull from our shelves and websites we frequent as we strive to put effective data-driven differentiated instruction into practice. Small group instruction allows a teacher to be both diagnostic and prescriptive--two key ingredients to optimize learning. Literacy How, Inc. Subscribe to our newsletter. Close Contact Us. Close Search. Data-Driven Differentiated Instruction.

Why Use Data to Differentiate Instruction? Differentiated Instruction, Accelerated Success The process of using data to differentiate instruction is central to our model. At the annual check-up primary prevention , HBP screening takes place like annual fall screening for low reading or math scores. If screening suggests HBP, then monitoring over weeks occurs to verify HBP like progress monitoring to confirm or disconfirm risk. If HBP is verified, secondary prevention occurs with relatively inexpensive diuretics, which are effective for the vast majority of patients, and monitoring continues like small group Tier 2 tutoring, using a standard treatment protocol, with progress monitoring to index response.

For patients who fail to respond to secondary prevention diuretics , then tertiary prevention occurs—experimentation with more expensive medications e. Who Does What? Are We Speaking the Same Language? Dimensions and Types of Assessment Some assessments can serve several purposes. What is Quality Data? Books Allain, J.

Making Assessment Matter: Using Test Results to Differentiate Reading Instruction

Boudett, K. Data wise. A step-by-step guide to using assessment results to improve teaching and learning. Diamond, L. Assessing reading. Multiple measures. Farrall, M. Ganske, Kathy. Word journeys: Assessment-guided phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. McKenna, M. Assessment for reading instruction. Rathvon, N. I will go ahead and tell you upfront, I am NOT a fan of basal programs. For this reason, I believe in using a reading workshop model. While I pull small groups, students are reading independently from a text on their instructional level. The small groups I pull are generally based on reading level, but sometimes based on skill need.

In my small groups, I generally expand on the mini-lesson skill using a leveled text appropriate for the readers in the group. The students are learning grade-level standards, but not necessarily with grade level appropriate texts: some are lower, some are higher.

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Activities in reading also look different, based on my students. They are STILL working on the same grade-level standard as everyone in the class, but with modifications. I might provide a sentence stem, partially filled graphic organizer, or word bank for students who are below level.

Students who are above level will have more open-ended opportunities to complete the activity. This is called tiered-level learning. Reading assessments should also look different! After all, are you assessing whether they understand the skill, or assessing whether they can read the text? I believe if you are determining whether students have mastered a comprehension standard, the student should be able to read the assessment passage on their instructional level.

The Importance of Differentiation in Reading | Ideas by Jivey

Using differentiated reading assessments has only recently become a common practice. I have created assessments for grades that you can mix and match based on what your students need. The passages are written on four levels 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th so that you can assess on your grade level, but provide instructional level texts.

There are six fiction and six nonfiction passages for each strand: key ideas and details, craft and structure, integration of ideas, and all standards combined.

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There are also a variety of ways to mix and match the assessments to create long and short assessments on different standards! You might also consider assessing on just one standard with a few texts, or assessing multiple standards with just one text.

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  8. You can even assess a standard with fiction and nonfiction! The possibilities to mix and match are endless! Facebook Ideas By Jivey 9 hours ago. Ideas By Jivey 2 months ago. Pinterest Vocabulary must be taught in context for students to truly understand the words and build relationships with them, and then in turn use them in writing and speaking.

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    Move away from lists of vocabulary words and looking up definitions, and teach students how to comprehend with this best practice bundle! I have provided activities designed on researched best practices for use with popular mentor texts to help you maximize your teaching time.