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‘In Spirit and in Truth’

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God is love and love is God; if you have a good understanding of love, you have a good understanding of God. In the Initiatic sanctuaries of old, in the Great Mysteries, people were taught that love was the way to perfection and true freedom. A perfect human being, the ideal human beings as Cosmic Intelligence created them in the cosmic laboratories, are like the sun, their emanations have the same consistency, the same quintessence as solar light, but in the etheric state.

In the future, all humans will be conscious of love, this force, these vibrations that dominate matter, all will want to absorb the Light. One look is enough, if it is a divine look. You are incredulous, and it may be far off in the future, but nevertheless it is the evolution of man as foreseen by Cosmic Intelligence. Together a man and woman are conductors of the two cosmic Principles, male and female. The man tries to incarnate the grandeur, nobility, intelligence, infinite power and perfection of the masculine principle which represents God, and the woman tries to incarnate the beauty, purity, tenderness, delicacy, and subtlety of the feminine principle which represents the divine Mother.

Thus both consciously vibrate in unison with the Unity that created all beauty, joy, purity and perfection. All women reflect the glory of cosmic Woman , their beauty is a reflection of the divine Mother, nature, who incorporates all beauty, who is Perfection, and all men reflect, to a greater or lesser degree, the splendour and glory of God.

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You are wondering how it would be possible for one little idea to fertilize all the women in the world. Finally, in Prosveta Publications released several collections of these talks in the form of books and brochures translated into 30 languages , CDs and DVDs with subtitles. After this he allowed himself to be called "Master". This happens through the individual's personal transformation: growth in perfection and in harmony with the divine world. Whatever the topic, he invariably focuses on how one can better conduct life on earth. Aivanhov taught that to achieve a better life, one must have a high ideal: " He describes the cosmic laws governing both the universe and the human being, the macrocosm and microcosm, and the exchanges that constantly take place between them.

This knowledge has taken different forms throughout the centuries. It is the perennial wisdom expressed through various religions, each adapted to the spirit of a particular time, people, and level of spiritual evolution. Aivanhov's teaching incorporates aspects of Esoteric Christianity that relate to finding the "Kingdom of God on earth" within the individual. One of the essential truths of initiatic science, according to Aivanhov, is that in the higher world all things are linked. Thus committing oneself to the Kingdom of God on earth makes it realizable: "The real science is to form within ourselves, in the depths of our being, this Body that Initiates call the Body of Glory, the Body of Light, the Body of Christ.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bulgarian philosopher. Every peak is a vital centre of the purest and most penetrating energies,2 and these energies are essential to all living creatures. A peak represents the dwelling place of omnipotence, the omnipotence of the spirit. Only the powers of the peak can command the beings of all the different realms of nature to help and protect us. We find indications of this in many accounts of the lives of saints and hermits who lived in an arid, hostile environment in which they had little food and were afflicted by fierce heat or bitter cold.

A plant, an animal or a human being always appeared to provide the food, or drink or shelter they needed. Several such tales are to be found in the Bible. You shall drink from the wadi, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there. But after a while the wadi dried up, because there was no rain in the land. There is nothing intrinsically wrong in devoting a great deal of attention to the things of the physical, astral or mental planes. If they are pure and luminous the results you obtain may be considerable, but they will never equal those that come from striving to reach the peak, the quintessence that orders and controls the whole of creation.

When you reach the summit you reach the nodal point of the forces on which all else depends. Have you understood what I am trying to say? No, I am not sure that you really grasp my meaning. Let me take an example from medicine. When someone is suffering from severe anaemia, none of their organs functions properly.

What should they do? Try to care for their brain, their stomach, their liver, lungs and intestines one after the other? No, that would be an endless task. They only need a blood transfusion, and all their organs will be restored to health. In the same way, when you touch your inner summit, you receive a transfusion of pure, vivifying energies, because it is there at the summit that the omnipotence of the spirit is at work. I have already explained how initiates use geometrical figures as symbols to explain the major questions of philosophy and life.

We have already talked about the circle, but now let us look at the symbolism of a cross. A cross consists of two lines, vertical and horizontal. The vertical line symbolizes unification, the movement of fire leaping heavenwards. The horizontal line therefore signifies matter, and the vertical signifies the spirit. And, as you see, these two lines are not separate and apart but joined to each other, and this shows that they are not incompatible.

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The symbol of the cross bids us accomplish our work on the material plane while at the same time espousing the upward movement of the vertical line and striving to reach the spirit, the fountainhead, the summit. Chapter Five From multiplicity to unity. Truth must necessarily embrace the totality, all beings, both animate and inanimate. Truth is one. In oneness everything is included, everything is understood, all questions are resolved. Those who pierce the secret of the number 1 — or of the letter aleph — understand all the other numbers, all the other letters.

In other words, they understand all the powers of the universe. For the logos — numbers and letters — is one seamless substance. In the logos there is no separation, no division: all the elements are joined to each other; each element is an integral component of one supreme entity. This is why anyone who wants to make real progress on the path of initiation must concentrate on oneness. What is 1? On paper it is a simple, unadorned vertical line: 1. At first sight there is nothing very significant about it, and yet it is the dynamic creative principle, the source of life.

When I was still a young disciple in Bulgaria, the Master Peter Deunov often invited me to go and talk to him. One day he took a book of numerology in English from the bookcase and began to translate the first chapter for me, which dealt with the number 1. Naturally, I was interested and listened attentively as he read, but I must admit that I was not particularly concerned about the 1 at that time. It seemed to me that the other numbers were more important, that they contained greater, richer secrets.

When he came to the end of the first chapter I expected him to go on to the chapters that dealt with the other numbers, but I was wrong. He closed the book, put it back on the shelf, and that was the end of my visit. I was burning with eagerness to learn more. He never referred to it again. For a time I kept expecting him to read some more and was rather disappointed when he did not, but as I had tremendous faith in my Master I knew there was always a reason for what he did. Finally, I told myself that the fact that he said nothing about the other numbers meant that they were not very important.

I did not need to learn about them. After thinking and meditating about it, I understood that all the other numbers were contained in and flowed from the 1. At first sight the Master had given me very little, but in fact he had opened a door on to the infinite for me. The 1 is sacred because it represents the whole. The entire cosmos is a single, unbroken unity. We may see what seems like separateness, ruptures and boundaries, but in reality there is no absolute division anywhere. The refraction of light through a prism is the most striking illustration of this.

Here is a beam of white light, which represents the 1, and when it is passed through a prism it is broken up into seven colours. Is it not extraordinary to see how this single white ray of light produces the diversity of the seven colours — violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red? Is there anything that can demonstrate more strikingly than light the passage from unity to diversity, and from diversity to unity?

You cannot see it because it does not exist. There is no separation. This example of light is particularly interesting because light is the very substance of the universe. All is 1. This is true even of a human being. The ideal human being represents the 1. Let me give you another very simple example taken from an area that everyone is familiar with, that of health. When you are well nothing more needs to be said. But if you are ill… Oh, what a song and dance! From head to toe there are so many parts of the body that can hurt, and so many different ways they can fail to function properly.

And you know how difficult it is, when you are ill, to eat, drink, sleep, breathe, walk, hear, see, work, or study. Health, you see, is one. There are not two or three different healths. Illness, on the other hand, is multiple. There are an infinite number of different illnesses. We do not even know them all, for new ones are constantly appearing, brought on by the unreasonable way people live. The function of our organs is to work together to maintain the oneness of health, life. For health is unity; life is unity. Illness and death, on the other hand, are separation, division, dislocation.

Salvation lies in the simplicity of the 1. Unfortunately, simplicity does not appeal to human beings. It bores them. They find it dull and think that the spice of diversity is far more interesting. Is there any wonder that they are ill? I have already told you that the initiates synthesize even the most complex problems by presenting them in the form of geometrical figures. Take a pyramid, for example. I have visited the great pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos and meditated on the science that the ancient Egyptian initiates sought to synthesize in these extraordinary monuments.

A pyramid consists of four triangular planes erected on a large square base and joined at the top. The base of a pyramid symbolizes the multiplicity of phenomena, and its summit the world of principles, unity. On the lower level, the level of phenomena, we are dispersed and in a state of confusion, because we cannot quite place people or things or see how they relate to each other. If we want a clear view we need to be at a higher level. And what does this mean? It means we have to take the path of unity.

It is unity, oneness, that governs, coordinates and guides multiplicity. On the level of unity we are at the heart of reality and can see the warp and woof of the fabric of life. The things of the physical plane are always seen as disparate, unrelated facts or events, and for this reason it is impossible to sort out your problems if you try to deal with them only on that level. And this brings us back to what I was saying about working with an image of the summit. Let me repeat it here: you will never resolve your problems if you try to do so on the level on which they arise.

You can only do so by rising higher, always higher, until you can look at them from the vantage point of unity. Unfortunately, human beings tend to neglect the question of unity. You hear it discussed from time to time, of course, but where and when? Not always for the best reasons. More often than not people feel the need for unity only when they want others to join forces with them to defeat an opponent or a political party, or to wage war against another country.

When it comes to resisting those they see as enemies, they are ready to call for unity. But this, of course, is not true unity. True unity never combats or excludes anyone. On the contrary. If you work at raising your mind to the summit that represents unity, you will begin to get the feeling that all human beings are linked.

And this is quite true. On a higher level we form a unit. Each one of us is a cell of the great cosmic body, and each single cell reflects the entire body. Those who injure others in the belief that they are separate entities and that they are not therefore injuring themselves are deluding themselves. When we harm someone else we always harm ourselves, even though we may not feel it at the time.

No, that is not so. Try to understand: I am not saying that all human beings should think the same thoughts or have the same desires, the same tastes and the same activities. Life offers a tremendous diversity of possibilities. It is only in essentials that we must be one. Take some very simple examples from everyday life, such as eating and breathing. All human beings need food and fresh air. Whether they choose to eat wheat, maize, soya beans or rice; or apples, oranges, bananas or mangoes is quite beside the point.

Neither does it matter where the air they breathe comes from — the mountain tops, the sea, the forest or their own garden. The only essential thing in order to keep fit is that they need to eat healthy food and breathe clean air. All this is perfectly obvious. Yes, but the truth is that a great many people in the world are deprived of these essentials.

And how many of those who do enjoy good conditions ever bother their heads about the deplorable conditions in which others live? As you can see, even though everyone recognizes the basic needs of human beings, the problems are far from being resolved. And this is even truer in other areas. And to think that many people wonder why there is so much conflict in the world… What hypocrisy! Is it surprising that people rise up against a world in which they have no freedom, not enough food to feed their families and no chance of sending their children to school? And yet, in spite of this situation, everybody is convinced that they themselves think and live according to truth.

Only when they succeed in living together in peace and prosperity will human beings be justified in saying that they have found truth. Truth is the expression of a situation in which it is possible for all to live together in harmony, and a great many things still need to be changed, adjusted and corrected before this is achieved. And this is our work. This is the task that has been allotted to us. But we have to realize that truth is necessarily unique and universal; that it can be found only in unity. This is what I am talking about when I speak of unity.

You must try to feel that all human beings have the same fundamental needs. Of course, you do not feel this today because it does not affect you directly, but if you develop a deep awareness of unity you will feel it. This therefore is the unity I am talking about. It is not uniformity, and it has nothing to do with making everyone on earth fit exactly the same mould. In any case, there is no need to worry about that. Every individual is different, and there is no way to make them all alike.

Many rulers and political regimes have attempted to do so, and sometimes it has almost seemed as though they had succeeded, but their apparent success never lasted very long; they were soon forced to recognize that all such attempts were doomed from the start. There is something intractable in human beings that makes them resist all attempts at uniformity. So do not be concerned about it. Be concerned rather to gain a true understanding of what unity means on the very highest level. Human beings are made up of three fundamental principles: mind, heart and will.

The mind needs light knowledge , the heart needs warmth love and the will needs to act, that is, to manifest in action the light of the mind and the warmth of the heart. It is in this sense that human beings are identical. They are identical in that their basic structure is the same, and their needs and aspirations correspond to that structure. Whether they are aware of this or not, whether they accept the idea or not, this is the truth of their being, and this is the sense in which they must work collectively.

Every day we have to strive for unity. The surest way for humankind to achieve unity is for each individual to achieve it within themselves. And it is here that the greatest difficulty lies. Many people have admirable aspirations in their heart and soul, but at the same time they are driven by other forces, by their desires and passions, to perform actions that lead later to shame and regret.

Their inner conflicts tear them apart and eventually destroy them. Human beings need to be at peace with themselves.

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They need inner unity. They need their mind, heart and will to work hand in hand. If they are continually torn by inner conflict they cannot find their equilibrium, and this is the cause of much misery.

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  7. Sometimes, indeed, the lack of equilibrium is so great that it leads to neurosis and even insanity. The true unity for which we must all strive is like that of the solar system. The sun occupies the central position, and each planet moves in orbit around it, never deviating from the route that Cosmic Intelligence has ordained for it. The inner unity that must be the goal of every human being is on the same pattern, and it implies a real apprenticeship, for we need to learn how to live, think and feel in such a way that the movement of every particle of our physical and psychic being is ruled by our inner sun, our divine self, our spirit.

    The teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood has no other goal than to enable us to achieve this inner unity, the unity of the three principles of heart, mind and will, the unity of all our physical and psychic activities, the unity of our lower and higher natures. And this unity can be achieved only if one universal principle reigns at the centre of our being, maintaining the proper hierarchical order among all the different factors and binding them into one.

    It is thanks to this philosophy of unity that we can explain and resolve all our difficulties. In the absence of unity there can be no truth. On the face of it, faced with the pitiful sight of the bitter conflicts, rivalries and wars that afflict the world, you could be tempted to think that a philosophy of duality would be closer to the truth.

    But in spite of their conflicts, human beings are one. In spite of the conflicts that seem to disunite them, they are in fact nourished by unity. On the cosmic tree of unity there are innumerable branches, leaves and fruits, and they are continually rubbing up against each other, but this cannot alter the fact that they all stem from the same trunk and the same roots, which they all depend on for their very existence.

    The one thing that is most important for the conduct of our life is the knowledge that we are all one. If some of the things we see seem to contradict this, if the world sometimes seems badly designed, that is only our own opinion. We call these things evil, and we would like to do away with them, but Cosmic Intelligence, which knows how to use them, sees that they are good, for each is in its proper place.

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    • Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael - ‘in Spirit and in Truth’ (Izvor Book 235).
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    • Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.
    • Freedom, the Spirit Triumphant (Izvor Collection, Volume 211) by Omraam Mikhael.
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    Cosmic Intelligence is like a chemist. Chemists keep all kinds of poisons, microbes and explosives in their laboratories, but they do not use them to poison or destroy human beings. They use them to manufacture beneficial, therapeutic substances. And if chemists are capable of doing this, can you imagine that the Lord is not equally capable?

    He too needs all these materials and elements that we class as evil. They serve a useful purpose in the cosmic economy. The only thing is that you have to know how to use them. The Lord, of course, knows, and we, who do not know, have to learn. It never stops producing grass, flowers, trees, vegetables and fruit from the sewage, decaying vegetation and dead bodies that are thrown into it. Yes, billions and billions of corpses have been buried under the soil, and the earth rejects none of them. It is a veritable cemetery, and it is this cemetery that nourishes the whole of humankind.

    How is this possible? It is simply that the earth possesses the secret of transformation, which is the secret of unity. You must never forget this: the secret of true transformation is the secret of unity. Why do human beings not possess this secret? To obtain it they are going to have to learn from the earth; otherwise they will end by being poisoned. This is the fate of all those who have never learned the art of transformation: they are poisoned.

    Master Peter Deunov - La Marche des Forces Lumineuses

    Understand what I am saying: if you cannot accept the philosophy of unity you will always be ill, tormented and inwardly divided. It is the philosophy of unity that will enable you to face up to your difficulties and give you the powers and the keys you need. You need never fear that the quest for unity will lead to uniformity. The goal is one, but the paths that lead to it are many. For my part, I have chosen the path of Peter Deunov, which is the path of Christ.

    If you ask whether there are not other paths, I can assure you that indeed there are. To deny it would be untruthful. For my part, I have chosen the path that best suits me, and I intend to stick to it. I shall never deviate from it. In some ways you might consider me fanatical. But deep down I know very well that there are all kinds of other paths that lead to God.

    One has to be very open, very broadminded.

    Full text of "Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Collection"

    Each one has to choose their own path, but that does not mean that it is the only one. There is more than one way to become a true son or daughter of God. Yes, it is very important to be broadminded. There is room for all, and we all have to find our own place. There is nothing to be gained by being intolerant, narrow-minded or restrictive. Chapter Six Building the edifice. The musicians in an orchestra — flautists, clarinetists, violinists, cellists, oboists and so on — all have their own particular score in front of them as they play.

    They are not expected to know the scores of the other players. But up in front, in full view of each member of the orchestra, is the conductor, who knows the whole symphony and each individual score, and whose job is to see that each instrument comes in on time and plays with just the right volume and the right shade of feeling. And now let us see how this applies to the situation in the world today. We see a great many capable professionals — people who, you might say, know their own particular score perfectly, but who have no grasp of the symphony as a whole. The fact that they are proficient in their own speciality is in itself excellent, but their ignorance of the whole gives rise to all kinds of anomalies and disorders.

    To the extent that they confine themselves to the ideas and attitudes engendered by their personal situation, they are incapable of a view of the whole. In other words, they are not in possession of the truth. We might think that, up to a point, this shortcoming is excusable, but in fact it is not. They should be working to become orchestra leaders or conductors themselves.

    In other words, they should be making every effort to rise to where they can have an accurate view of the whole, so as to be able to act correctly in all circumstances. You will object that the point of view I am talking about is that of God, the Creator. Yes, that is true, but the task of a human being is to become more and more like God. Those who have a familial, social, professional, or political responsibility should constantly strive to reach that high point within themselves, from which they can have an overall view of every aspect of the problems they have to cope with.

    In this way, the decisions they make will be fair and well-balanced. You will say that even if their decisions are fair there is no guarantee that they will be respected, because most people are only concerned about their own selfish interests. It is not an easy matter to get them to recognize the interests of others. That is true; you may analyse certain situations with perfect accuracy and draw the right conclusions and then find that nobody accepts them.

    But even if this happens it is no reason to abandon your efforts. As long as you manage to rise to this higher viewpoint, there will be other occasions in life when it will prevail. When you strive to make progress on the path of lucidity and altruism no effort is ever wasted. Even if other people treat you as an impractical dreamer, a visionary, or even a lunatic — there will be no lack of epithets — it should not discourage you as long as you yourself know that you are moving towards truth. Genuine initiates and spiritual Masters are conductors.

    Perhaps you think they are alone, that there is no orchestra in front of them? But that is only because you cannot see their orchestra, for it is within them. The brain, the stomach, the heart, the hands and feet, the toes, eyes and mouth… every part of the body has its own particular function through which it contributes to the harmony of the whole body. Yes, but physical harmony is not enough, and for this reason initiates question their limbs and organs every day.

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    And in this way they create and maintain harmony among them. And now it is up to you: if you want to be conscious and intelligent disciples, you are going to have to become conductors of your own orchestra. Every day you must not only make sure that your physical organs work harmoniously together to keep you healthy, but you must also guide their activity towards a higher goal, so as to avoid causing disharmony in the cosmic organism. Whatever the subject of my talks, you will find that I constantly come back to this idea: how to make use of all the elements that exist in and around us in order to progress toward universal harmony.

    See a Problem?

    Now let me take another analogy, that of a building site, where all the materials are piled up helter-skelter. If you want to know how they are all supposed to relate to each other, you will have to look at the plans of the building. In other words, you will have to go up to the office of the person who designed the building, the supreme architect, God. Creation exists. The edifice already exists. The question that faces human beings is how to use the elements that have been put at their disposal in order to build their own edifice.

    For human beings are part of the great cosmic edifice, but they are also conscious, thinking beings, and this means that they have a part to play in the whole that is different from that of rocks, plants or animals. Nor is it enough for them to make an inventory of what exists; they must acquire first- hand knowledge of the different materials and learn to use them to build their own individual lives, while at the same time helping to build the life of the collectivity.

    Sooner or later, each one of us will be obliged to take an active part in the construction of this edifice of collective, universal life. All our activities must be made to converge in this direction. As long as human beings live selfish, individualistic lives, cut off from the whole, it is as though they were content to pile up materials but were incapable of organizing them and building something with them. Unfortunately, this is very often the case. Most human beings do nothing but accumulate masses of materials until they are staggering under their weight.

    It is high time now that they decided to build something with them. But before they can build anything useful they need to study the plans drawn up by the supreme architect, God. Over and over again I have to remind you of the goal you should be aiming for: the construction of the edifice. With the teaching of the initiates, on the other hand, even if your store of knowledge is very limited you will go a long way. It will vivify, illuminate and resuscitate you. Of course, if you are capable of working unremittingly towards the construction of the edifice while at the same time becoming a mine of information, do so by all means.

    Whatever you do and whatever you see around you, you should always try to see where things fit within the harmony of universal life. I may be talking about some tiny detail of everyday life, but I always reach the same conclusion. Your constant need for variety and change is a snare. Reality is made up of an infinite number of details, and I know that the temptation to pursue each one is very strong. But all these details exist for only one reason: to contribute to a single edifice. They must all fit into the one great cosmic design. Of course, there is a great deal more to the notion of perfection.

    It is said, for instance, that animals are perfect. Yes, on their own level, as animals, they are perfect. When they are only a few days old they are capable of walking, swimming, galloping, and they reach maturity very rapidly, whereas humans take years to be fully grown. At least, as far as their physical maturity is concerned, it takes years, but their psychic and spiritual development never comes to an end.

    That is, they need arms and legs, eyes, ears and a brain that function correctly. If they have a physical or mental disability, everything becomes much more difficult. They will not get ahead if their physical and psychic organs are not in good working order. Similarly, when Initiatic Science teaches that human beings must be perfect, it means first and foremost that their psychic and spiritual organs must be well developed and in good working order. Only if this is the case can human beings strive for the perfection of God, who is the fullness of knowledge, love and power.

    Only when you achieve this will it be true to say that you have contributed to the construction of the edifice. So there you are, you have to be perfect in order to become perfect… Is it clear? Do you understand what I am saying? Chapter Seven Contemplating truth: Isis unveiled. Do you know what my dearest wish is? It is to be useful to you. Yes, this is my constant preoccupation: to give you something today that I have not already given you, a new element, a new truth. And no words, no book can reveal to us the whole of this eternal truth in which all truths are contained.

    The only way we can approach the perfect, sublime quintessence of absolute truth is by a gradual, progressive grasp of lesser truths. For years and years I have done nothing but lay before you the multiple aspects of truth as they appear in the physical, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic worlds, in the hope that one day you may reach the one great truth that embraces all that exists. We can perceive this kind of truth only if we have eyes other than those of our physical body. The powers of our physical organs of sight are very limited. They cannot see very much of what the initiates call reality unless they themselves are illuminated by a light that enables them to see beyond physical appearances.

    What kind of eyes are capable of seeing beyond appearances? And what is the light that illuminates the world they see? Truth is a real world, a world of light, beauty, harmony and perfection, and in order to penetrate this world something within us must be attuned to the same wavelength. We all possess a higher faculty that is capable of seeing truth, but as that faculty has never been unlocked and set in motion we still have some work to do to make it operational.

    This is the faculty we call intuition. It is a faculty of the spirit. Truth will forever elude the grasp of human beings if they continue to conceive it as knowledge of the physical world, the world they can see, weigh and measure. The physical world is no more than a manifestation, a remote consequence of truth. We see it and think that we are seeing truth, but what we see is only a garment, the outer husk of truth. Truth is a world of perfection, and it manifests on three planes: spiritual, psychic and physical.

    It manifests on the spiritual plane through the virtues, on the psychic plane through our thoughts and feelings, and on the physical plane through forms, colours, sound and so on. It is a fallacy to think that the intellect can know truth. The intellect is a faculty that enables us to know the physical world and a little of the psychic world, but no more. Take a very simple example, that of a rose.

    The truth of a rose is an emanation, a presence that is beyond the grasp of the intellect. To know a rose is to sense all the different elements that make it a rose and nothing else. And this applies with even greater truth to a human being. The truth of a human being is the summary and synthesis of all their constituent elements, from their spirit to their physical body. As long as you do not know all these elements you do not know the whole truth, only a very small part.

    The truth of a human being, the complete and absolute truth, is in the spirit and can be known only by the spirit. But nature is something else. We do know nature. You do not know what a rose is, and you do not know what the earth is. Everything you see around you — forests, mountains, rivers and oceans — is no more than the outer wrappings of nature, the layers of physical matter that clothe the earth. You have to go beyond this outer aspect and learn to see and sense the vibrations and emanations of the etheric body of nature.

    In fact, the etheric body, too, is a cloak; we have to see even beyond this. Only those who are capable of divesting nature of its outer garments can know truth. This was the whole purpose of the ancient initiations: to teach the disciples to draw aside the veil of Isis. In the religion of ancient Egypt the goddess Isis was the spouse of the god Osiris. She was the great feminine figure in whom the initiates saw a symbol of primordial nature, the matrix from which came all beings and all the elements of creation.

    It is this mysterious nature, impenetrable by ordinary men and women, that is the principal object of study of the initiates. In order to penetrate its secrets they endeavour to understand all the forms of existence to which it has given rise and through which it manifests itself. But this has nothing to do with the reality. The initiates never touch a woman, for they know that what they are seeking is elsewhere. Their ambition is to lift the veil of nature, and they can do so only through the greatest possible purity and absolute self-mastery.