Guide Transnational Soldiers: Foreign Military Enlistment in the Modern Era

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  1. Foreign Volunteers in the 1948 War: A Comparative Examination
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The traditional military history narrative, at least as far as Europe is concerned, sees the French Revolution as an important turning point in the 'nationalization' of military service. The essays in this volume seek to challenge this view by examining largely overlooked aspects of military mobilization from the eighteenth century to the present. Whether as colonial troops, ideological volunteers, mercenaries, adventurers or soldiers who were recruited in prisoner of war camps, men and women have often found themselves fighting for a country other than their own.

On numerous occasions, pressing wartime needs have compelled states to turn to transnational recruitment.

Foreign Volunteers in the 1948 War: A Comparative Examination

At the same time, the willingness of individuals to commit to cross-border military service has endured despite the advent of nation-states; a trend that could become more prevalent in the twenty-first century. Help Centre.

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All Rights Reserved. In Stock. Normandy '44 D-Day and the Battle for France. Churchill Walking With Destiny. Seminars in perinatology Elsevier. Patisiran, an RNAi therapeutic for the treatment of hereditary transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis.

Martin Robson - Google Scholar Citations

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When are arms races dangerous? Rational versus suboptimal arming. International Security. Drug testing and analysis.

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Heart, Lung and Circulation. Schwartz SA.

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The Oncoming Challenge of Homo Superior. Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. Measurements of extinct fission products in nuclear bomb debris: Determination of the yield of the Trinity nuclear test 70 y later. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Congressional Budget Office. The U. Linch K. Arielli N, Collins B. Transnational soldiers: foreign military enlistment in the modern era: Springer; Kampf A. Tales of healthy men: Male reproductive bodies in biomedicine from 'Lebensborn'to sperm banks. On human self-domestication, psychiatry, and eugenics.

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Br J Sports Med. McMorrow D. Mind-controlled transgene expression by a wireless-powered optogenetic designer cell implant. Nature communications. This scientist wants tomorrow's troops to be mutant-powered [cited December 6]. Pickrell R. US military wants to use genetically engineered life forms to track enemy subs [cited December 6]. Risks and precautions of genetically modified organisms. ISRN Ecology. Nature biotechnology. Eastwood BM. An emerging genetic warfare arms race The potential advantages and drawbacks of germ line genome editing to future military capability and operations has not yet been rigorously explored.

Targets for germ line modification for friendly forces Germ line modification for military purposes would likely be turned towards addressing factors that would offer advantages in conflict where human personnel currently introduce limitations. Targets for germ line modification against enemy forces The potential for this technology to also be used for harm against enemies must not be neglected.

Implications The recent calls for a moratorium 35 , 36 highlight the significant concern in the scientific, security and wider community that germ line editing has stimulated. References 1.