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  1. Miller Heiman Group and LinkedIn Present: The Way to Sell
  2. 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find and Sell to Anyone
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Targeting by company is key. I actually purchased this domain just for the experiment, and I set up this quick website using Instapage:. Not too bad, right? Note that although Instapage allows you to optimize your page for mobile, I spent no time doing this because I knew my leads would come from the web.

Miller Heiman Group and LinkedIn Present: The Way to Sell

You already know you have the right people signing up. Simple tweaks to the copy like better calls to action and better images will go a very long way, and you can get alerts and monitor your sign-up rate from Instapage. In my case, this was a 3rd party tracker report I created myself, but it could also be trial access or another customized insight.

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Be sure to offer a minute call to get them properly set up, or to offer additional insight. Give your prospect what you promised to get them to jump on the phone, then use your awesome sales skills to close the deal.

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Bottom line: Targeting key accounts with LinkedIn Ads is a big opportunity to get into even the most gated organizations. Happy hunting. Up and to the right. Featured In. I accept the Sales Hacker Privacy Policy.

How to Master LinkedIn Social Selling

Sales Templates. I even told a few I would be willing to listen to their sales pitch if they did it.

5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find and Sell to Anyone

I rarely get a response, which makes me wonder if they read their DMs. While some people over-connect on LinkedIn, trying to amass as many connections as they can, I take a more reserved approach. The problem is easy to identify on Facebook. Depending on your gender, a young woman or young man with only two photos on their profile will send a friend request. According to a filing this week with the Securities and Exchange Commission, LinkedIn and its top shareholders plan to sell 8 million more shares in a secondary offering.

The filing said that about 1. But LinkedIn's offering is not about raising cash. Instead, the company is offering more shares to protect its stock price following a mandatory day lock-out period that bars employees and early investors from selling their stock. Now that the lock-out period is coming to a close, LinkedIn's top executives and investors, including Sequoia Capital, want to sell and cash in.

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And in the process, LinkedIn's shares could drop significantly. Although LinkedIn wouldn't say that the offering is designed to bolster its stock price, the company did acknowledge that it will "facilitate an orderly distribution of shares for the selling stockholders in the offering and increase our public float. It's that last bit about float that has proven most dangerous to LinkedIn's shares. In the investment world, float refers to the difference between a company's total outstanding shares and its restricted shares.

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