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  1. The Holy Spirit: The Power of God
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I have never seen anyone more kind and loving than he is. Thank you, President Nelson.

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I sustain you and I love you. It is comforting to know that we are not alone in the world, despite the challenges we face in life. They make known the promises and the true nature of God and of Jesus Christ to Their people. I have learned that through my personal experiences.

Faust, then Second Counselor in the First Presidency. He called us to serve as mission president and companion in Portugal. He told us that we had only six weeks before we started the mission. Although we felt unprepared and inadequate, we accepted the call.

The Holy Spirit: The Power of God

Our most important concern at the time was to obtain the visas required to serve in that country because, according to past experience, we knew the process took six to eight months to complete. President Faust then asked if we had faith that the Lord would perform a miracle and that we would be able to solve the visa problem faster.

Our answer was a big yes, and we started making the arrangements immediately. We prepared the documents required for the visas, took our three young children, and went to the consulate as fast as we could. A very nice lady met with us there. We returned there four weeks later, received our visas, and landed in the mission field within the six weeks, as a prophet of the Lord had asked us to do.

10 Bible verses about the Holy Spirit - United Bible Societies

In the world's view, power conveys the ability to control people, events, and circumstances for our own advantage. In the world, power brings independence and self-sufficiency, with no need for God's help or the assurance of others. While many devote their lives to achieving this goal, this type of power can never satisfy the soul or bring joy or peace.

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The world's power is temporary, leaving a person always wanting more. In describing the power of the Holy Spirit, the Bible paints quite a different picture see Luke ; Acts ; 2 Corinthians The word translated as "power" in the English Bible is the Greek word dynamis , from which we get the word dynamite. In Acts , Jesus told His disciples that before they would be able to evangelize the world, they must receive the dynamis of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit possesses a dynamite-like power that works within a believer to blast out anything that is unlike God.

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It is not a power that exalts one person above others. It does not manipulate or control others. Instead, the Holy Spirit uses His power to break us so that He might remake us. The more we get self out of the way and yield our will to His, the more powerfully He is able to pour Himself out through us to others, and the more powerfully He is able to transform our lives.

We are merely the conduits, the channels through which God's power moves. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be witnesses of God's love, to live in a way that pleases God, to meet fully the demands and pressures of life, and to resist temptation.