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Moulin Rouge

  1. Paris TRIP PASS - Eiffel Tower Visit, Hop-on Hop-Off Bus Tour and River Cruise
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Check out my review of the cabaret show at Moulin Rouge here. This is also a great place to view the city due to the higher ground. Montmarte is a neighborhood known for artists and bohemian life that has gradually become too expensive for them. Films like Amelie and Moulin Rogue take place in this area.

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Definitely take a map to do your wandering. From there you can wander leisurely through the neighborhood and enjoy the atmosphere. There are plenty of cafes in this area for a relaxing lunch. The Palace of Versailles is an impressive palace in terms of size and detail of the decorations and artwork. It was originally built as a hunting lodge in the s, but over the years it was expanded and renovated and eventually it became the royal palace. It also has gardens so gorgeous they rival the palace itself.

You can do the day trip on your own with public transport, but if you want an easier day you can also book a Versailles day tour from Paris like this one , which gets you skip-the-line access, transportation to and from Paris, and an informative guide throughout the palace. If you choose the option that starts from Versailles, you can choose to visit Chartres Cathedral before or after on your own.

While researching tours of Chartres, I came across Malcolm Miller, who is very highly recommended as one of the best tour guides of the cathedral. He does not take reservations, so sadly when my friend and I got there, it turned out he had a family emergency that day and was not around. My husband Andy took his tour several years ago and agreed that he was fantastic. Writing an itinerary for Paris that fits every person is hard, nearly impossible.

Some people will want to spend days in art museums and wandering the galleries. Others might just want to spend their week in small plazas sipping coffee or wine and watching people. Still others might crave a week jammed with activities, tours, and sights. There are certainly things that are so typically Parisian and French that it would be shame to miss them. The first days of this itinerary cover a lot of them.

Day 7 is the day that you should lean into your interests and find out what Paris has to offer. As with all of the itineraries on Travel Made Simple , this 1 week itinerary in Paris gives you a solid start to planning your trip. Modify it as you see fit. Check out the list on day 4 for museums. If you just like the outsides, a lot of the museums were built in a time where large gardens and beautiful buildings were in vogue. Walking the gardens with a picnic can give you a wonderful relaxing day as well. Not the subways, but really underground.

There are catacombs in Paris that can be explored and often have long lines. If you are not done with being under ground, you can actually tour the sewers in Paris. It sounds kind of smelly, but they were pretty innovative several hundred years ago when they were built.

Paris TRIP PASS - Eiffel Tower Visit, Hop-on Hop-Off Bus Tour and River Cruise

Definitely not on the normal tourist track. Not always on the sightseeing trail, markets can be a wonderful way to see a more local side of town. The main market is in a covered building for architecture buffs and for those days when it rains. It can be a great stop to load up for a picnic as well. Here is a guide to experiencing the market.

Andy and I really like food tours. Given an extra day, we would probably hunt out another one. They are usually smaller groups and have history mixed with the tasty bits. Paris has a bunch of different foods from chocolate, to croissants, to wine, to cheese, to neighborhood wanders. I reviewed the tour I took here and prepared a list of options if this is your thing. Did we leave anything out? What else would you include on a 1 week Paris itinerary? Hopefully our Paris itinerary and ideas for planning one week in Paris have been helpful.

The following posts provide more in-depth information about planning a trip to Paris, tours in Paris, day trips from Paris, and more. Grab my full packing list plus the free e-book 11 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Vacation and get travel deals, discounts, and advice from Travel Made Simple in your inbox.

Caroline May 27, am. Public transportation in Paris is extensive, including the popular Metro trains, France's train system running to points outside the city, a bus system, and more. There are hundreds of hotels in Paris, which can make it a pretty daunting task to isolate the right one for you.

The best thing to do is to determine which attractions you want to see most and which arrondissements there are within easy distance. Once you do that, search for lodging within that arrondissement or close by. Many of the most popular attractions are within the first five arrondissements. Once you've done that, you need to decide how much to spend and whether your room should be luxurious or basic. You will pay the least and therefore get the least with one and two-star hotels.

Three-star hotels are usually reasonably priced and comfortable enough for most travelers.

Paris Travel Guide - Vacation & Tourism | Travel + Leisure

Or you can live it up in four-star accommodation. Read guest reviews, compare prices and book a hotel in Paris with TripAdvisor. One of the great indulgences on a visit to Paris is definitely the food. Some of the best gourmet restaurants in the world are located here. Even cheap cafe eats or street crepe vendor food is wonderful. It can help to do some research first about where you want to dine. For some of the most popular restaurants, you can even make reservations online. You can also ask your concierge for help booking reservations, or for suggestions on where to eat.

Actual residents tend to flee during this time, meaning you'll just be surrounded by other tourists. It's better to go April through June or September through November. Christmas is beautiful with the city all lit up, but November through February is their cold, rainy season. Your best bet, if it works for your schedule, may be the spring. Choose which day to arrive. Apart from early-in-the-week flights being cheaper, there are a couple of things to consider: Aim to arrive in Paris on a Sunday or Monday if you'll be using the Metro a lot.

If you purchase on Thursday, then your week is already half-gone. If you're museum-focused, arrive on a Saturday, a day before the first Sunday of the month. Most Paris museums there are over 3, museums in Paris are free on the first Sunday of the month. Choose your airline and book your flight. When possible, try to choose the same airline on all flights as opposed to flying one portion with one airline to a connecting airport, then flying with an affiliate airline.

It's also best to book your flight around two to three months in advance. Research shows that it's during this time that flights are at their lowest prices. You may want to visit the CDG website for more information. Travelers needing assistance receive red-carpet, first-class treatment with a team of handlers at each airport who whisk you away to bypass long lines, through secret passageways and directly to the gate.

Select and book your lodging well in advance, too. There are several things to consider when it comes to finding and choosing a place to stay. Here are the factors you should be weighing: Consider check-in time.

Complete Step By Step Guide To Organizing A Trip To Paris

A common problem is that many international flights arrive in the early morning — yet many hotels will not let you check-in until after pm. So what does one do for six hours, with all of luggage in-tow? Plus, after an international flight, people are tired, want to take a shower and relax. Anticipate this situation in-advance and request early check-in at the hotel or apartment. Restaurants in Paris are very expensive and a week of three meals per day could easily go over a thousand dollars or more per person. For a shorter stay of three days or less, then a regular hotel might be a good choice.

Choose a place that is near a Metro station. Accommodations on or around Rue Cler are in a very prime location. Other parts of Paris have their own flavor. If you want to stay out and go to nightclubs, then the Marais area might be a good choice, too. Know what to expect from a Parisian hotel or apartment. Purchase washcloths in advance and bring them with you. Do not expect too much from your hotel or apartment. Paris accommodations are going to be much smaller than hotels in the United States. They typically do not supply washcloths and can be sparse on supplying toilet paper.

Bring your own adapters and power-strips that turn one electrical outlet into six. Electrical outlets are sometimes sparse at hotels and apartments. Purchase a grounded adapter, not just a regular electrical adapter before your trip. Book your visit to the Eiffel Tower well in advance. The most iconic experience in all of Paris may just have to be on a postcard for you if you don't book in advance. Either that or the line will be hours long or the top will be booked. To avoid this disappointment, purchase your tickets to the Eiffel tower around a month in advance.

Do not wait until you arrive at the Eiffel Tower to buy tickets! It can be very crowded on the Eiffel tower. You'll have to wait in line to buy tickets and then wait in line to get up into the Eiffel tower. It could eat up an entire day. Consider a pass to visit the museums. As an alternative to free admission, the Paris Museum Pass provides unlimited access during its period of validity to more than 60 museums and monuments in and around Paris.

Besides its convenience, it can save considerable amounts of time by permitting you to by-pass long ticket lines. Whether the Museum Pass makes sense is a function both of the number of museums you intend to visit and of the value you place on the time you can save by using the Pass to bypass sometimes lengthy ticket lines. Understand that another benefit is that the Pass permits multiple visits to any covered museum, as well as permitting you to just duck into a museum for a quick look round or to use the facilities without having to pay the entrance fee. Get an overview of the activities available.

The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to plan. As you survey the rich field of activities, target those of interest. The sheer volume and variety of potential activities and venues might seem quite daunting, so take your time getting to know what is available before you set foot on a plane, which are the easiest to get to, and which fit your budget. Do not finalize your thoughts; just survey the field. Later you will be able to pick judiciously so that you leverage your money to good effect. Explore the architecture, public sculptures, public art displays, history museums, art museums, sports facilities, and other activities of interest online.

Just get an idea of what is going on or is available. What do you and the rest of your party definitely want to do and see? Survey the music, food and wine venues. Get a feel for the variety and extent of what might be had. You might come up with several "must dos," things you will not be able to leave undone. Your itinerary is starting to shape up. Picnics are a wonderful way to save money, in-style. There is nothing like a picnic on the Eiffel Tower grounds or sharing a bottle of wine on the banks of the river Seine.

Create a list of landmarks you want to see. There's far more to Paris than great wine, baguettes, museums, and the Eiffel Tower. Look into the various parks and green spaces of note.

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Paris is full of public that is, free and beautiful places to check out parks, and green spaces. Consider a River Seine cruise. This can be heaven on earth with the right individual on the right night, and the cruises are almost always enchanting. Dinner cruises usually start at pm and last for three hours. Do some shopping around to know that you're getting the best deal and that it starts or ends somewhere you can manage to get back to where you need to be.

Many are about 75 minutes length, with runs every 30 minutes from 10 am — pm. Know the difference between the Metro and the RER. The Metro and RER are two separate sets of train tracks; however, they share many of the same stations for easy transfers.

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Never turn down an opportunity to use a toilet in Paris, as they are difficult to find and are for "paying customers only" in fact, like in the Louvre, you have to pay specifically for the toilets to use them. Even if you figured out which Metro Line to take, if you do not know your end-points of travel, you could end up going in the wrong direction. The RER is the same situation: in this case especially with the Red A line the RER line forks, and certain trains are set to go to specific destinations.

It is good to pay attention to each stop while you are on the subways. Do they offer a shuttle service? They probably do not. Take the RER as the most economical choice and the quickest at 10 Euros per person. Air France also operates a couple of buses out of the airport and into the city center. Each way costs 15 Euros a person. They take about an hour to get there, and leave every 30 minutes. You could take a taxi, but it's a pretty expensive option. It'll be at least 50 Euros and there's also a luggage fee.