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Having snubbed Adams' pitch, Paramount was nevertheless reportedly interested in producing a Doctor Who film in the s. Their pick to play the Time Lord? Jacko was apparently "quite keen" — though if he had turned the part down, second choice was apparently Bill Cosby. The less said about that, the better. Unrelated to the TV episode of the same name, Doctor Who: The Last of the Time Lords was a late '80s effort to bring the series to the cinemas from a production company called Daltenreys, which had apparently acquired the film rights.

The movie would have pitted the Doctor against an evil Time Lord named Varnax — and according to behind-the-scenes book The Nth Doctor , Tim Curry and Donald Sutherland were being considered for the lead. The project failed to attract financial backing and another company, Lumiere Pictures, stepped in, with rumours swirling that Star Trek 's Leonard Nimoy would direct and Alan Rickman!

The Unofficial Guide for Living Successfully on Planet Earth

There was even a teaser poster produced for promotional purposes — see above — but sadly, as with the other pitches on this list, Last of the Time Lords came to nothing and the movie rights reverted to the BBC in It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena. I don't think [Yates] was ever signed to it. I never signed him, so he's not. Sure enough, the alleged movie never happened — but was Yates ever actually attached or not? Seven years on and we still don't have a definitive answer.

Remember those controversial Sony Pictures leaks in , which saw the contents of hacked e-mails published in the wake of a cyber-attack?

Danny Cohen [then-Director of BBC Television] had apparently advised Wong that while the TV show's creative team didn't "want to do [a film] at [that] moment", an "8-year timeline for the brand" was being drawn up. Again in , the official K9 Facebook page — for there is such a thing — announced that the tin dog would be starring in his very own movie. Aiming for a release date of , K9: TimeQuake was allegedly going to have the mutt face off with legendary Doctor who villain Omega.

The final poster for the Philadelphia show features the acts Peter, Paul and Mary and Rod Stewart who also featured in the Philadelphia concert programme. Cliff Richard later stated he was unable to perform as he was committed to a gospel charity concert in Birmingham , although Geldof indicated he had no recollection of asking him. He made us feel very guilty; all those millions of people dying, it was all our fault. I felt terrible. I tell you, I know how Hitler must have felt. The single reached the Top 5 in the UK, even though the band's original version had been a hit only a year earlier.

A reunited Deep Purple were also due to appear from Switzerland via satellite, but pulled out after guitarist Ritchie Blackmore refused to take part. Deep Purple minus Blackmore, who left the band in appeared at Geldof's Live 8 sequel 20 years later, performing at the Toronto leg of the event while Lennox appeared at the London and Edinburgh Live 8 concerts. Bill Graham is said to have turned down Foreigner and Yes because there was no free space on the bill for them. British rock band Marillion , riding high in the UK charts that summer with their Misplaced Childhood album and " Kayleigh " single, missed out on an invitation to perform at Wembley because their manager had deemed it not worthwhile for singer Fish to participate in the "Do They Know It's Christmas?

Fish was quoted: "When it came to the bill for the concert we were passed over, I think because I'd turned down being on the Christmas song" [47]. Depeche Mode , among the most successful English bands of the time, were not invited. However, Alan Wilder , a Depeche Mode member at the time, said: "I doubt very much that we would have accepted the invitation, had we been asked.

My personal view is that giving to charity should be a totally private gesture, out of which no personal gain should be made. Inevitably, nearly all the artists who took part in Live Aid achieved a considerable rise in record sales and being the cynic I am, I wonder just how much of the profit gained from those sales actually ended up going to Ethiopia. It was a great gig, but I thought it was a bit dodgy not having any black acts on the bill when it was raising money for Africa.

Thin Lizzy keyboard player Darren Wharton expressed regrets about the band not being asked to perform: "That was a tragic, tragic decision. It could've been and it should've been the turning point for Phil Lynott. And I think that really did Phil in quite a lot, that we were never asked to play. I mean Phil, he had a few problems at the time, but at the end of the day, if he would've been asked to play Live Aid, that would've been a goal for him to clean himself up to do that gig. We were all very upset of the fact that we weren't asked to do it because Phil knew Geldof and Midge Ure very well indeed.

I was surprised that we weren't asked to do that. I don't think Phil ever forgave Bob.

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Neil Peart , drummer of Canadian rock band Rush said: " Geddy was involved with the Northern Lights charity record here in Canada, although Rush weren't invited to participate in the Live Aid event — mainly because if you look at the guest list, it was very much an 'in-crowd' situation. We were 'out' by then.

We didn't refuse to take part because of any principles. Mind you, I wouldn't have been happy being part of this scenario. Those stars should have shut up and just given over their money if they were genuine. I recall that Tears For Fears, who made a musical and artistic decision to pull out of the concert, were subsequently accused by Geldof of killing children in Africa — what a shockingly irresponsible and stupid attitude to take. But I have nothing bad whatsoever to say about Bob Geldof; he sacrificed his health, his career, everything for something he believed in.

But others around him got involved for their own reasons. Some of those involved in Northern Lights were actually quoted as saying that their managers told them to get down to the recording sessions because it would be a good career move! They didn't want that. But that's alright. I went along on my own.

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Bob Dylan 's performance generated controversy after he said: "I hope that some of the money In his autobiography, Is That It? Live Aid was about people losing their lives. There is a radical difference between losing your livelihood and losing your life. It did instigate Farm Aid, which was a good thing in itself, but it was a crass, stupid, and nationalistic thing to say. Geldof was not happy about the Hooters being added as the opening band in Philadelphia. He felt pressured into it by Graham and local promoter Larry Magid. Magid, promoting the concert through Electric Factory Concerts , argued that the band was popular in Philadelphia; their first major label album Nervous Night had been released almost three months earlier and had been a hit.

Adam Ant subsequently criticised the event and expressed regrets about playing it, saying, "I was asked by Sir Bob [sic] to promote this concert. They had no idea they could sell it out. Then in Bob's book he said, 'Adam was over the hill so I let him have one number. Doing that show was the biggest fucking mistake in the world. Knighthoods were made, Bono got it made, and it was a waste of fucking time. It was the end of rock 'n' roll. But then so were the Boomtown Rats, and each represented a certain piece of pop history, so I agreed. I also thought that might entice him to encourage Sting, or perhaps all three of the Police.

As they were wheeled out — or rather bullied by Geldof into playing — it became clear that this was another parade of the same old rock aristocracy in a concert for Africa, organised by someone who, while advertising his concern for, and sympathy with, the continent didn't see fit to celebrate or dignify the place by including on the Live Aid bill a single African performer. Led Zeppelin performed for the first time since the death of their drummer John Bonham in The performance was criticised for Plant's hoarse voice, Jimmy Page 's out-of-tune guitar, a lack of rehearsal, and poorly functioning monitors.

Plant described the performance as "a fucking atrocity for us. It made us look like loonies". Page later criticised Collins' performance, saying: "Robert told me Phil Collins wanted to play with us. I told him that was all right if he knows the numbers. But at the end of the day, he didn't know anything. We played ' Whole Lotta Love ', and he was just there bashing away cluelessly and grinning. I thought that was really a joke. If I could have walked off, I would have. I turned up and I was a square peg in a round hole.

Robert was happy to see me, but Jimmy wasn't. Due to their "sub-standard" performance, Led Zeppelin have blocked broadcasts of the performance and withheld permission for it to be included on the DVD release. But Collins was just the beginning of the bad. Go ahead. Watch and remember. It really was that terrible. Arguing that Live Aid accomplished good ends while inadvertently causing harm at the same time, David Rieff gave a presentation of similar concerns in The Guardian at the time of Live 8.

Bono responded that corruption, not disease or famine, was the greatest threat to Africa, agreeing with the belief that foreign relief organisations should decide how the money is spent. On the other hand, Bono said that it was better to spill some funds into nefarious quarters for the sake of those who needed it than to stifle aid because of possible theft.

When organiser Bob Geldof was persuading artists to take part in the concert, he promised them that it would be a one-off event, never to be seen again. That was the reason why the concert was never recorded in its complete original form, and only secondary television broadcasts were recorded. Following Geldof's request, ABC even erased its own broadcast tapes. Meanwhile, MTV decided to keep recordings of its broadcast and eventually located more than tapes of Live Aid in its archives, but many songs in these tapes were cut short by MTV's ad breaks and presenters according to the BBC.

ABC had taken the decision that no multi track tape recordings would be allowed, so no remixing of the Philadelphia show was possible. The DVD has since been out of print and no longer available in stores. The decision to finally release it was taken by Bob Geldof nearly 20 years after the original concerts, after he found a number of unlicensed copies of the concert on the Internet. Songs that were not originally littered with ads were also used on the official DVD. Many songs had their soundtracks altered for the DVD release, mainly in sequences where there were originally microphone problems.

In one of those instances, Paul McCartney had re-recorded his failed vocals for "Let It Be" in a studio the day after the concert 14 July but it was never used until the release of the DVD. Also, in the US finale, the original 'USA for Africa' studio track for "We Are the World" was overlaid in places where the microphone was absent consequently, it includes the vocals of Kenny Rogers and James Ingram , two artists who did not even take part in Live Aid. There has however been controversy over the DVD release, due to a substantial number of tracks not being included. Some artists did not want their performances to be featured on the DVD.

At their own request, Led Zeppelin and Santana were omitted. Judicious decisions were also made on which acts would be included and which ones would not, due to either technical difficulties in the original performances, the absence of original footage, or for music rights reasons. Several artists' who did feature on the DVD also had songs that were performed omitted. Tom Petty performed four songs, and only two were included on DVD. Patti LaBelle played 6 songs but only 2 songs were included. Also included is their Live Aid rehearsal, and an interview with the band, from earlier in the week.

On 14 November , it entered the UK Official Music Video Chart debuting at 1 and stayed at the top position for twelve consecutive weeks. An audio copy of Live Aid was officially released by the Band Aid Trust label on 7 September on digital download. When first released in , the Queen performance was excluded. The band's set was, however, later included as a part of the digital download in May It has a total of ninety-three audio tracks. According to the channel, all earnings from viewings go to the Band Aid Trust.

Because the Live Aid broadcast was watched by 1. Many of these recordings were in mono, because in the mids most home video machines could only record mono sound, and also because the European BBC TV broadcast was in mono. These recordings circulated among collectors, and in recent years, have also appeared on the Internet in file sharing networks. Since the official DVD release of Live Aid includes only partial footage of this event, unofficial distribution sources continue to be the only source of the most complete recordings of this event.

The official DVD is the only authorised video release in which proceeds go directly to famine relief, the cause that the concert was originally intended to help. The Wembley speaker system was provided by Hill Pro Audio. Clair Brothers [93] and See Factor.

Many artists and performers at Live Aid gained prominence and positive commercial influence. For all the cultural, charitable, and technological significance of 's Live Aid, its most immediate impact was on the charts. Queen 's three year old Greatest Hits rose fifty-five places into the top twenty, followed by Freddie Mercury 's Mr. Bad Guy. Every U2 album available at the time also returned to the chart. Queen's performance at Live Aid was recreated in the band's biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the similarly named music festival held near the twentieth anniversary of Live Aid, see Live 8. Fell brought together a cadre of sympathetic Thanagarians and together they instigated a secret "Shadow War" against Earth. Arriving on Earth in secret, they established a base of operations inside a cave at Grinder's Bluff in Midway City. Their first mission involved stealing anti-gravity technology from Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

the unofficial guide for living successfully on planet earth Manual

The mission proved unsuccessful however and one of the agents, Rab Mekir, inadvertently murdered artist Mavis Trent mistakenly believing her to be Hawkwoman. He even managed to commandeer Hawkman's starship with the intent of turning into a missile aimed at the Justice League Compound.

Hawkman and Hawkwoman foiled Andar's plans however, though doing so required the destruction of their own ship, as well as most of Fell Andar's agents. Fell and his lieutenant survived the blast, though Fell was killed by one of his own agents soon after. Corla continued to wage the Shadow War by taking on the human identity of Corla Shilak. The Shadow War continued. In Post-Crisis history, Thanagar was a slave world in the empire of the planet Polara millennia ago. According to legend, a slave named Kalmoran slew his keeper and organized an army of his fellow Thanagarians, and led them in attacking a Polarian garrison, seizing their starships and using them to attack the other Polarian slave worlds.

After defeating the slave planets, Kalmoran's armada attacked and razed Polara, ending the Polarian empire. Kalmoran returned to Thanagar, where he built a great city and lived there as his home planet's ruler. Generations after Kalmoran, the Thanagarians built a vast interstellar empire and adopted policies of aggression and imperialism. Ultimately, the Thanagarians joined the Dominators and their Alliance in invading Earth , which was successfully opposed by Earth's metahuman heroes and its armed forces.

Following the failure of the invasion, Thanagar sent an ambassador, Darl Klus , to Earth to mediate relations between the two worlds. Thanagarian culture blossomed in the early days of their empire, producing numerous inventions and many forms of art. But as millennia passed, Thanagarian culture became sterile, and the Thanagarians increasingly relied on their subject races for both technological and artistic advances.

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