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When you see something you want with Reflection , go get it from HQ by spending a bunch of power counters. This also works well with Jak Sinclair for free runs. You can't use Snitch with these runs, but if they left a sentry as outermost ice against Nero you can just bounce off that. Even if there is just a hard ETR as the outermost ice, you can just run into it for free power counters even if you don't get to trigger Au Revoir and Reflection.

Potter's wheel - Wikipedia

Watch out for that. Now, they can either put 2 Turning Wheels for the same influence and find it earlier, or just one and free 1 influence point.


Of course, you've got to keep your other in-faction pressure and multi-access. Now, the question is if it is worthy in Anarch deck. Not that this matters in the current meta, but hey, the wheel is turning! Pair this with Au Revoir and Snitch to get tons of power counters while you get paid.

Another Turn of the Wheel

Bonus points if you pair it with Blackmail and Corporate Scandal so you don't even need breakers! It's essentially a flexible hybrid Medium and Nerve Agent , but for less influence out of Anarch. Outside of the aforementioned Snitch strat, it probably won't be worth the slot that Anarchs use for Medium , or the interfaces out of the other factions.

Covers the immediate fallout from Loki receiving a letter from his future self in several parts, then goes on to tackle the changes to the MCU as a result. Starts one century before Thor's planned coronation, first in an ongoing series.

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Time travel isn't impossible even if you don't have the Time Gem, but using it to change anything more than a few days past is widely considered the most effective way to go insane. So when Loki receives a package apparently from his future self he is understandably concerned. The Wheel of Time continues to turn, and whatever happens in this iteration of the universe, Loki will not ignore this herald of dangers to come. Of course, that would require that he understood the message.

Unfortunately, the package arrives when Loki is still a developing adolescent instead of in the week prior to Thor's coronation.

Spring Transition : Another Turn Of The Wheel

Shaken by the events of the last year, Loki does what he always does when things get difficult with his family: he goes wandering. Jotunheim is the only one of the nine primary realms he has yet to see with his own eyes, and now that he can change his form at will it might be worth the risk. Loki comes home from his trip and tries to resolve his issues.

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Unfortunately, he has to balance his response with the possible political fallout. He has more friends than he ever knew, and they aren't necessarily helping his situation.

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A discovery inspires him toward a goal, and the possibility of Odin's approval is a sweet fruit hanging just out of reach.