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Forever You

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Books - Author Cheri A Schmidt

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Bestselling Series

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She will spend three weeks in Italy, see how the land lies and walk away again, her fees and heart firmly intact. Andet Bind. A peasant girl named Karen is adopted by a rich old lady after her mother's death and grows up vain and spoiled.

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Before her adoption , Karen had a rough pair of red shoes; now she has her adoptive mother buy her a pair of red shoes fit for a princess. Karen is so enamored of her new shoes that she wears them to church , but the old lady scolds her: it's highly improper and she must only wear black shoes in church from now on. But next Sunday, Karen cannot resist the urge to put the red shoes on again.

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As she is about to enter the church, she meets a mysterious old soldier with a red beard. After church, Karen cannot resist taking a few dance steps, and off she goes, as though the shoes controlled her, but she finally manages to take them off. One day, after her adoptive mother becomes ill, Karen leaves her alone and goes off to a ball in town in her red shoes. She begins to dance, but this time the shoes won't come off. They continue to dance, night and day, rain or shine, through fields and meadows, and through brambles and briers that tear at Karen's limbs.

She can't even attend her adoptive mother's funeral.

Lazy Girl in English - Story - English Fairy Tales

An angel appears to her, bearing a sword , and condemns her to dance even after she dies, as a warning to vain children everywhere. Karen begs for mercy but the red shoes take her away before she hears the angel's reply. Karen finds an executioner and asks him to chop off her feet. He does so but the shoes continue to dance, even with Karen's amputated feet inside them. Thinking that she has suffered enough for the red shoes, Karen decides to go to church so people can see her. Yet her amputated feet, still in the red shoes, dance before her, barring the way. The following Sunday she tries again, thinking she is at least as good as the others in church, but again the dancing red shoes bar the way.