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During World War II, a young Jewish teenager kept a journal during the years she and her family hid from the Nazis in a secret apartment in a house in Amsterdam. Anne Frank's diary poignantly explored the way she tried to decide if people were basically good or basically evil. Acts of kindness and blessing seemed to indicate people were basically good; but then the next day, Anne would learn of yet another barbarous act of depravity and torture, and she would think that perhaps people were basically bad after all.

After reading her diary, I remember carrying on the quest for an answer in my own mind, and not finding it until I trusted Christ and learned what His Word had to say about it. Naturalism says that humans are nothing more than evolved social animals. There is nothing that truly separates us from the other animals, so all our behavior can be explained in terms of doing what helps us to survive and reproduce.

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Your only purpose in life, naturalism says, is to make babies. And failing that, to help those who share your genes to make babies. Kind of makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, doesn't it? Another answer from naturalism is that we are born as blank slates, and we become whatever is written on those slates. You might mix in some genetic factors, in which case human nature is nothing more than a product of our genes and our environment. Pantheism explains human nature by saying we're all a part of god, but our problem is that we forget we're god.

We just need to be re- educated and start living like the god we are.

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Our human nature will be enhanced by attaining what pantheists call "cosmic consciousness. We just need to wake up and remember we're god. When people are bad, which is one result of forgetting you're god , pantheism says that they'll pay for it in the next life when they are reincarnated as something less spiritually evolved than their present life.

I had a Buddhist friend who refused to kill insects in her house because she said they had been bad in their previous lives and had to come back as bugs, and it wasn't her place to prematurely mess up their karma. The Christian worldview gives the most satisfying answer to the question, How do you explain human nature? The Bible teaches that God created us to be His image-bearers, which makes us distinct from the entire rest of creation. But when Adam and Eve chose to rebel in disobedience, their fall into sin distorted and marred the sacred Image.

The fact that we are created in God's image explains the noble, creative, positive things we can do; the fact that we are sinners who love to disobey and rebel against God's rightful place as King of our lives explains our wicked, destructive, negative behavior. It makes sense that this biblical view of human nature reveals the reasons why mankind is capable of producing both Mother Teresa and the holocaust. In the movie Flatliners, medical students took turns stopping each other's hearts to give them a chance to experience what happens after death.

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After a few minutes, they resuscitated the metaphysical traveller who told the others what he or she saw. The reason for pursuing such a dangerous experiment was explained by the med student who thought it up in the first place: " What happens after death? Mankind deserves an answer.

Philosophy failed; religion failed. Now it's up to the physical sciences. Well, maybe religion failed, but the Lord Jesus didn't. But first, let's address how naturalism answers this question. Because this worldview says that there is nothing outside of space, time and energy, naturalism insists that death brings the extinction of personality and the disorganization of matter.

Things just stop living and start decomposing. Or, as my brother said when he was in his atheist phase, "When you die, you're like a dog by the side of the road. You're dead, and that's it. The body recycles back to the earth and the mental and emotional energies that comprised the person disintegrate forever. Pantheism teaches reincarnation, the belief that all of life is an endless cycle of birth and death.

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  4. After death, each person is reborn as someone, or something, else. Your reincarnated persona in the next life depends on how you live during this one. This is the concept of karma, which is the law of cause and effect in life. If you make evil or foolish choices, you will have to work off that bad karma by being reborn as something like a rat or a cow. If you're really bad, you might come back as a termite. But if you're good, you'll come back as someone who can be wonderful and powerful. New Age followers sometimes undergo something they call "past lives therapy," which regresses them back beyond this life, beyond birth, and into previous lives.

    I think it's interesting that people always seem to have been someone glamorous like Cleopatra and never someone like a garbage collector or an executioner! Christian Theism handles the question, What happens to a person at death , with such a plain, no-nonsense answer that people have been stumbling over it for millenia.

    Death is a gateway that either whisks a person to eternal bliss with God or takes him straight to a horrible place of eternal separation from God. What determines whether one goes to heaven or hell is the way we respond to the light God gives us concerning His Son, Jesus Christ. When we confess that we are sinners in need of mercy we don't deserve, and trust the Lord Jesus to save us from not only our sin but the wrath that sin brings to us, He comes to live inside us and take us to heaven to be with Him forever when we die.

    When we remain in rebellion against God, either actively disobeying Him or passively ignoring Him, the consequences of our sin remain on us and God allows us to keep them for all eternity—but separated from Him and all life and hope. It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God Hebrews But it is a delightful thing to fall into the arms of the Lover of your soul, Who has gone on ahead to prepare a place for you! Which will you choose?

    How to answer life’s big questions | Psychologies

    One of the big questions in life is, How do you determine right and wrong? Regardless of anything else that happens, if you learned something new, loved a good person and got to laugh heartily, it was a day worth having and remembering. What would your year-old self, looking back on your own life, advise you to do in the moment? We so easily lose perspective on what takes up our energy and focus.

    Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this to enjoy living. Life is a balance of knowing when to enjoy the moment vs. What would happen if…? And when you get pushback to these questions, reframe the negative answers with possibilities. Write down 5-year goals. Whenever there is an opportunity cost, I have my team go through this exercise. In group settings we too often we find ourselves having completely different conversations.

    It creates ownership to make sure the goals will be achieved. And it creates a shared responsibility to provide the resources required time, money, talent, etc. I use this question all the time with potential business partners. By removing the perceived constraints that bind us and focusing on mutually desired outcomes, we often discover new pathways of possibility. The most important aspect of business is still to always get it done in person. Reach out to a person in a position and industry you admire, and ask them if you can take them to coffee and hear about how they got there.

    Sales is very easy when others explain what they want and need from you. What are the questions that made the biggest difference in your life? Comments encouraged. Self-Awareness What are you pretending not to know? Subscribe Now: Forbes Entrepreneurs Newsletter All the trials and triumphs of building a business — delivered to your inbox. Smaller brains and spiked wieners, that's what. And yes, those two things are connected. Getty We can't help but feel a little cheated.

    Recently scientists have found over gene segments that are present in chimp DNA but absent from ours. And since we think that humans and chimps shared a common ancestor about 5 million years ago , we probably carried those chunks at some point. Once researchers isolated those segments, they made two interesting finds. One, we lost the gene halting the growth of brain cells, which is what helped gain our mega brains. And two, we lost the spiked barbs that cover chimp dicks. Oh, you didn't know that chimp dicks have spines? Do a Google image search for close-ups of chimp dongs, you'll see them.

    Getty Nobody tells him where to pee. Thanks to their barbed schlongs, chimps are able to copulate fast and hard, with everyone getting to their happy place in no time, which is awesome for a species where one dude is expected to bang lots of ladies. With the loss of the "spiked for her pleasure" quality, however, our ancestors had to start boning longer, and when you spend that much time entangled in each other's junk, a special bond forms between you two.

    And that's how we got monogamy and the fake orgasm. Getty "Oh yeah, like 40 times. You're a stallion in Hanes.

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    That monogamy thing turned out to be great news for the increasingly smarter human offspring who, as you might remember , are born dumber than dirt. Those big human brains need longer to develop, which means longer periods of helplessness as infants, which means more dependence on two parents for a longer period of time, which is aided by a lack of barbed cocks. All right, so now humanity is in its infancy.

    So how did we get from being a bunch of screeching, filthy nomads hunting gazelle with sharpened sticks to the kind of species that can sit down and have a conversation and eventually create the written word? Getty Eat wheel, dolphins. How, in such a short period of time, did we possibly go from mutely hitting women on the head and hoping for the best to creating sounds meant to trick them into thinking we own a Ferrari?

    According to neuroscientist Dr. John Skoyle , singing had to come first, because all you need to sing is a mouth, vocal chords, some breath control and a big heart. Speech, on the other hand, requires vocabulary and syntax and a host of other complex brain and throat functions to work. In other words, singing is easy, which is why it's evolved dozens of times among dozens of different species. Speaking is hard, which is why it's only happened once.

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    According to Skoyle, Darwin and others, humans couldn't have learned to talk first, because singing prepped our vocal tracts to one day handle more complex sound formations, which eventually became words and dick jokes. Then, understanding intonation and repetitive patterns taught the early humans syntax, which was the last step on the road from rhythmic animal grunts to bona fide language. Getty And why it took so long to figure out rapping. And so here we are.

    A species that can think and converse. But what about laughter? How did we start joking with one another? Getty Has man always laughed at other men taking hits to the groin? After all, laughter is one of those things we take for granted as natural, but is weird as hell if you think about it. Why would we go into a spasm of uncontrollable verbal nonsense every time we see somebody accidentally hit themselves in the crotch by stepping on a rake? It turns out that, like everything else in our evolution, it was literally a matter of life and death.

    Getty It's also an excellent way to test whether or not someone is British. Before we laughed at fart jokes, droll puns or adorable kitties playing peekaboo, we laughed in relief that the noise in the bushes wasn't a saber-tooth tiger ready to rip our throats out. To understand the origin of laughter we have to first define "humor. It can be anything from a difference of expectations between a joke's build-up and the result the punchline or just general absurdity an armadillo riding a scooter made out of dildos. Getty It's leaning against a tree just out of frame.


    OK, but how about this: a guy marries his high school sweetheart and the next day he tortures her to death. That's definitely incongruous, but it's not really funny unless he did it while wearing a Big Bird costume. So there's definitely something missing in this theory, and according to psychology professor Peter McGraw , that something is the key to laughter itself: safety.

    Getty And monkeys doing people jobs.

    The better biblical search

    And back during the early days of man, that is exactly what laughing was used for: to signal that the situation was under control. Say our ancestors heard a rustle from the nearby bushes and one of them checked it out, only to find out it was just the wind. He would then laugh to tell everyone, "There are no tigers there, man, so chill. If you pay him, he will write words for you.